Freeze Ray

Freeze Ray

Update 0.5
Gave the Freeze Ray a bump to base damage, which is now 40. My reasoning is that unlike most other firearms in the FO4, this weapon has no receiver or capacitor upgrades… meaning that the only way to increase its damage is by investing in the Gunslinger perk. I’d like it to remain a viable sidearm beyond the early and middle game.

Update 0.4
Cryo Cells can now also be crafted at any chemistry station under Utility. My rational was that anyone with enough plucky, scientific zeal (or fevered, mad science inspiration) to create such an unconventional weapon would have also designed its power source. Requirements are Science! rank 1 and the recipe comes in three flavors:

1 Cryo Cell for 1 Acid, 1 Aluminum, 1 Gold and 1 Nuclear Material.
25 Cryo Cells for 1 Mini Nuke.
50 Cryo Cells for 1 Fusion Core.

The last two are expensive, but more efficient (cuz of preexisting, refined and enriched materials and whatnot). I tried to provide different recipe names and descriptions of the relative yields in the crafting menu, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way; those attributes are tied to the item itself, not the menu. So, just look before ya leap.

I also made an increase to the weapon’s base damage.

Update 0.2
The Freeze Ray can now be crafted at any chemistry station under Utility; it requires Science! rank 1 and a laundry list
of components (you are crafting an entire weapon, ya know). It also uses cryo cells as ammo now – just like I
wanted in the first place. I also adjusted the magazine capacity a little. Thanks to alex3271 for the crafting idea.

This weapon (which looks suspiciously like a rumored alien device…) fires a beam of exotic particles which inflicts catastrophic heat loss on a given target.

This rinky dink little experiment is something I slapped together easy peesy using FO4Edit (i.e. I swapped around vanilla game assets by copying & pasting; it took me longer to prepare this post and upload the files) and is really more of a “proof of concept” item than a real mod, based on a forum request I made a couple of months back. I’ve always liked freeze rays and cold guns out of the old pulp magazines, books and not-so-old comics and this little number is just my way of taking a swing at the concept.

Starting with the alien blaster, I altered the damage, damage-type and ammo capacity. I gave it the Institute’s blue laser beam and the cryolator’s freezing effects and frost impact decals – which wouldn’t have been nearly as, um… cool… without assets from NightShade’s Cryolator – Ball Projectile and Hit Decal Retexture mod (used here with permission of course). If you use the cryolator at all or just wanna see a real modder’s work then download, endorse and donate.

Future Plans
I’d like to eventually do a re-texture of the outer casing; turn all the red areas to a blue and/or white color (ya know, pushin’ the whole cold theme). Thanks to neeher for the inspiration; you should check out neeher’s Firelance mod.

Acquiring the Weapon in Game
It can now be crafted – see above. Or, you can get it via console commands – see below.

In console (opened by pressing the “~” key) type and enter: “help freeze 4” (without the quotes, but with the spaces). The weapon should be at the bottom of the list.

Or just type and enter: “player.additem xx000800 1”
Note that the “xx” are the first two digits of the item’s ID number, based on your load order.

Download and install with NMM.

For a manual installation (my personal preference), simply extract the mod via WinRAR, 7-zip or whatever and copy & paste the Data folder into your Fallout 4 directory; the usual path being C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4. If asked to overwrite/replace/merge anything, click “yes”.

The above assumes that you’ve enabled mods for your Fallout 4 game. If you haven’t… then look it up.

Bethesda for making such a modifiable game.
NightShade for the Cryolator – Ball Projectile and Hit Decal Retexture mod.
zilav for FO4Edit PreRelease Alpha
Wendigo007 for figuring out there was a “cryo” damage-type in the game files; check out his Better Cryolator mod.

Mods of Note
Doctor Lilith Xorn (the feisty chick making corpse-sickles in the above pix) was made possible by:
Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Caliente and Ousnius
BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
Vaultsuit Retexture by zozof

You’re free to use my freeze_ray.esp file… but since I’ve had to put more work into it, please credit me.

You are NOT free to use the impact decal retextures as I didn’t create those; contact NightShade if you wanna use ’em.

Credits: TheBoogerMan
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