Gatling Laser Ammo Improvement

Gatling Laser Ammo Improvement

Gatling Laser Ammo Improvement

Changes the Gatling Laser to use a new ammo type “Gatling Fusion Core”
This ammo can be created from a chemistry workbench under the section “Utility” using a normal fusion core. The conversion rate is 500 (Optionally 1000) Gatling Cores for each normal Core (vanilla gives 500 gatling shots per core).

Added new ammo type for Gatling Laser, Gatling Fusion Core. The ammo behaves like normal ammo in that one shot will fire one Gatling Fusion Core. Each Gatling Fusion Core is valued at 1 cap
Added recipe to create 500 Gatling Fusion Cores (optionally 1000 Gatling Fusion Cores) from 1 Fusion Core
Modified NPCs to have Gatling Fusion Cores in their inventory (around 90-150) instead of Fusion Cores when they spawn with a Gatling Laser.

NOTE: You may have to drop and pick up your Gatling Laser to update it if your Gatling is still using normal Fusion Cores after installing this mod.

Copy your desired version (500 ammo per core or 1000 ammo per core) of GatlingLaserAmmoImprovement.esp to /Data
Edit %LOCALAPPDATA%/Fallout 4/plugins.txt (Should be C:/Users//AppData/Local/Fallout 4/plugins.txt). Add a new line with GatlingLaserAmmoImprovement.esp
Save plugins.txt AND MARK IT READONLY! If you don’t mark it readonly Fallout 4 will wipe this file on startup, disabling all your ESP mods.


Delete GatlingLaserAmmoImprovement.esp from /Data
Edit plugins.txt again (remember to disable the readonly flag before you edit and renable afterwards)
Remove the line with GatlingLaserAmmoImprovement.esp


I do not know how the ammo name will appear in other languages. I have only tested this with English. It may appear in English in all languages or it may appear as “Fusion Core”, I don’t know.
Partially drained Fusion Cores can be used in crafting
Cores are worth 200 caps but after conversion to Gatling Fusion Core you get 500 caps worth. This is due to 1 core providing 500 Gatling Fusion Cores but the minimum value for something being 1.

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What is this mod use for

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