Glasses Galore (GG)

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Glasses Galore (GG)


Made using FO4Edit/Nifskope/Material Editor/Photoshop

Has basic level-lists, you can find these glasses while adventuring.
The glasses currently available are:

Colorful Glasses (LCK +1)
Black-Rimmed Gunnar Glasses (STR +1)
Black-Rimmed Red Tinted Glasses (CHR +1)
Black-Rimmed Blue Tinted Glasses (END +1)
White-Rimmed Glasses (AGL & PER +1)
White-Rimmed Blue Tinted Glasses (AGL +1)
Red-Rimmed Glasses (CHR +1)
Fancy Red Glasses
Fancy Blue Glasses
Fancy Green Glasses


More Transparent Version NOW AVALIABLE! (If you want an even more transparent version make a request in the comments)
It will be less and less transparent the darker it is on your character’s face.

Upcoming features:
-More Leveled Lists
-Improve Colorful Glasses Texture
-More Glasses

If you want these glasses immediately instead of buying it from a vendor or finding them in the world.
After its installed use console commands:
help glasses 4
player.additem _____ <—id#
Ensure you've enabled mods. Please report problems.

I'll take requests. If you have a good idea I'll add it to the main mod and give you credit. If you want to add onto the mod, post a screenshot and I'll decide.

If you end up with Purple glasses then ensure you .ini file is edited for modding. If it is, please do an MANUAL install. I personally have this problem with mods that add items but I know others don't. To install manually unzip and drop the material, meshes, textures and .esp file in fallout4/data/ where you have the game installed.

Other Mods:
J's Headwraps

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