Glowing Mines and Traps

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Glowing Mines and Traps

This mod makes most obstacles a bright red, and most will glow in dark environments. Right now, the only mod on Nexus that does something similar is missing a ton of traps. These are simple texture/material edits that pose zero threat to your game. I can’t even imagine it conflicting with any other mod except that aforementioned glowing trap mod. Most questions about how traps change are answered by the pictures. Note that player-made mines and grenades will also be high-visibility. I use this mod myself and tweak it as I go. It’s a good mod and works well, despite my lack of skill.

Items affected by this mod:
(The following will glow in the dark)
Bottlecap Mine (Only Bottlecap Mines. Safe Vault-Tec lunchboxes are untouched. See picture)
Cryo Mine
Frag Mine
Nuke Mine
Plasma Mine
Pulse Mine
Electrical Trap
Radiation Trap
Trigger Plates (Bathroom Scales)

(The following are a high-visibility shade of red, but do not glow in the dark)
Laser Tripwire
Tension Triggers (Doors/Crates)
Grenade Bouquet

Some things were deliberately left out, like cymbal monkeys. I can’t think of a single time I’ve ever been inconvenienced by one of those things, and the red just makes them ugly. Barnacle traps (that baby mirelurks come out of). No point … Can chimes are a special case. I wanted to add can chimes, but my skill is not up to it. If I changed can chimes to all glow red the way I know how, most cans in the game would also glow red. If I only changed the chain, then playground swing chains and some decorative chains in mutant camps would also glow red. I’ll leave that to the professional modders. I briefly experimented with making high-visibility turrets and gun braces and stuff, but it turned out being more comical than practical mainly because weapon scopes wash out the color of whatever is being scoped (seriously, look closely, it’s like black and white).

I welcome anyone with some actual skill to polish this or take the concept and make a better one. I’d be grateful, and certainly use it. I thought I’d share this one since the only other mod on Nexus that addresses this lacks some key traps. Speaking of, this mod does not use any resources from Glowing Red Traps. It was done from scratch.

Credits: JPS
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  1. Jonathan says:

    I love that you thought of this as I’m currently playing survival and instantly dying to a mine feels cheap and unfair when you lose all your progress to a random mine. However, the link doesn’t work :/

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