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Graywolf’s Custom Weapon Mods

This mod is currently a work in progress. Some parts are buggy but it all does work, at least for me. I make these mods for me but will update them here for those who want to see if they like them as well.

I really appreciate feedback, good or bad, just whatever you want to say about my mod. Obviously please keep it constructive though, nobody wins in an internet war. Because war, war never changes :D.

Unlike most modders seem to, I greatly appreciate and will do my best to implement any ideas suggested to me, as long as they pertain to adding modifications (and weapons?) to the game. Please don’t suggest any standalone non-vanilla weapons you want in the game, I don’t know about those. I would very much like to create mods for standalone weapon mods, please suggest these to me as well.

I’m sorry to say that I cannot get the hunting rifle to use pistol animations without messing up the animations in the process. If you have experience with models and would like to help guide this mod, please send me a PM. I’m not giving up however and will keep trying, this is one I really want to accomplish. It definitely won’t look the best though, limitations before the geck.


Marksman Pistol Receiver for Hunting rifle (normal and rapid version, both .50 cal):
I like the marksman pistol in GTA 5, and decided it would be cool if I could make a hunting rifle that functions like that. This receiver is chamberedin .50 caliber, and has a heavy bolt but light spring, making the re-chamber speed very quick. The speed makes it very nice to pull off quick successive shots, which is very satisfying. I recommend that you use it on stockless frames with short barrels, but obviously you can make a full sized rifle since it is a modification for the vanilla hunting rifle.


Ver 02:
Rapid Marksman Pistol Receiver for Hunting Rifle added.
Reworked reload(Not rechamber, just changing magazine) speed to be more realistic but still increased.
Added reference from the misc mod items to the actual weapon mod, which will hopefully let you be able to re-equip the receiver instead of re-crafting it. Also should have fixed some other bugs, maybe.

Ver 01:
Marksman Pistol Receiver for Hunting Rifle added

Can’t figure out why, but all of the mods I make don’t show up when I go into the area where I can craft the mods. To fix this you have to change the mod to a different one, and it will appear as an option (EX change .50 receiver to normal receiver on the hunting rifle, and then my Marksman Pistol receiver should appear). Sometime you need to exit the bench, restart the game, etc, but it works for me. You get what you pay for from this mod, and its free 😀 and i’m not going to fix it. However if someone wants to take their time to advise on how to fix it, I will implement it ASAP. Thanks for putting up with it. (According to some this may only be an issue with my game, but I will leave it here anyway.)

Features to come (Probably before GECK):
Standalone weapon rather than mods for hunting rifle

Features to come (Probably not till GECK):
Pistol animations rather than rifle (Maybe)
I like mods that change how the weapon looks, and along those lines I would like to add a shorter stockless frame and even shorter barrel to go along with the marksman pistol receivers.

Just drag it into the Data folder. If you have a previous version installed you can just replace it when you drag it in.

Credits: Graywolf212
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