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Grenade Expansion Pack – GXP

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GXP adds 25 new, craftable grenades, most notably many “contact explosives” that behave like Molotovs and more!

It also adds the 7 workshop turrets as deployable weapons that can be used anywhere, at any time, as an addon.

And with the optional Integration addon, the most notable grenades are integrated seamlessly with the rest of the game.

You will be able to craft any grenade at your local
Chemistry Station under [Grenade].
To craft turrets, look under the [Mines] section.

The main reason I started this mod was to add more grenades like the Molotov, ones that explode on contact. They are fun and satisfying, but sadly don’t pack that much punch. Along the way I was inspired to add other types of grenades as well, from the traditional to alternatives to using the Syringer, to mines you can throw or chems you can use on others. Finally, there are the deployable turrets, one of the most powerful parts of this mod, so much so I made them optional just in case they were too much for some people. That isn’t to say there aren’t any downsides, as I listed below.

They are balanced to fit alongside the rest of the game and make sense. There isn’t anything too crazy or over-the-top, everything is craftable and believable from within the Fallout universe.
There are five different categories of grenade listed below, as well as the turrets and more details on integration with the rest of the game.

Here is the list of all the grenades and features for this mod.

“Contact explosives” – Throwable, Molotov-like objects that detonate or are set off on contact.

Buffed Rat Poison – 10 Poison Damage for 10 seconds – Take some deadly chemicals and add in more, put it in a can, and throw it away. When it lands it creates a cloud of poisonous gas.

Tesla Conduit – 150 Energy Damage – Like a Pulse Grenade but far more fragile. If you really hate robots, then this is your ticket to thwart their rebellious nature.

Liquid Nitrogen – 100 Physical Damage and cryo effect – A freezing cold and fragile container of cryogenic chemicals. Much like a cryo grenade, but breaks on contact with surfaces, enemies, friends, anything really!

Nitroglycerin – 100 Physical Damage – A notorious contact explosive, distilled down and put into a fancy bottle. When thrown it explodes on contact, however it tends to do slightly less damage then a Frag Grenade, it is far easier to deploy.

Damaged Fusion Core – 300 Physical Damage – A carefully crafted combination of a Fusion Core and a Ball-Pein Hammer. When thrown, it will explode on contact with an explosion not unlike a Nuka Grenade, however with less direct fallout damage. As such, technically not as powerful but a little more plentiful.

Overloaded Alien Round – 25 Physical Damage, but high knock-back force – What happens when you take alien technology, break it open, mix in some chemicals, and throw it at your enemies? Well, it knocks them on their ass of course! But, if they aren’t on their feet and get hit, who knows where they’ll end up.

“Traditional Grenades” – Throwable objects that take time or effort to detonate or set off.

Dud Grenade – 150 Physical damage, if it goes off – An intentionally (or unintentionally) compromised Frag Grenade that doesn’t self-detonate. Instead, it must be remotely triggered by any type of physical damage. It’s explosion, due to improper construction, it twice as large as a normal Frag. Great for tricking your friends! “It’s just a prank, bro!”

Full Jerrycan – 100 Physical damage plus fire hazard – Simply a full tank of gas. It doesn’t self-detonate, but can be set off by any physical damage. In a lot of ways it’s like the Incendiary Grenade, however has an effective radius of twice a Frag, Molotov, or Incendiary. Good for buffing hazards.

Incendiary Grenade – 100 Physical damage plus fire hazard – A more sophisticated alternative to the Molotov Cocktail. It does more damage than a Molotov, however takes time to detonate so is harder to use.

Dirty Bomb – 50 physical damage, plus 200 Radiation damage – A deadly mix of explosive and radioactive materials, also known as the poor man’s nuke. It does not explode on contact, however has a short fuse, so be careful where you throw that thing!

Set Alarm Clock – Effect, attracts enemies’ attention – After a bit of tinkering you get an Alarm Clock to work. Turns out no one knows what they sound like anymore and don’t know how to turn it off. When thrown into a group of aggressive enemies, they will attack the affront to their eardrums until it is finally silenced. You may have to do that yourself, if no one else bothers.

“Neural Chemicals” – Canisters of chemicals the effect the behavior of targets.

Amnestic Mix – Effect, targets forget player’s location for 30 seconds – Based on the Mind Cloud syringe, it makes your targets forget you’re even there. Great for multiple sneak attacks, and now you can carry it with your silenced weapon in hand!

Anger Air™ – Effect, targets attack allies for 10 seconds – Based on the Berserk syringe, you can throw it into a group and make them finish themselves off! While more potent than the original, to compensate it doesn’t last as long. If you’re tired of happiness and relaxation, take a whiff of Anger Air™!

Fear Toxin – Effect, targets run in fear for 30 seconds – Based on the Yellow Belly syringe, it makes all that inhale the smoke afraid of you. They see you as something else, something terrifying, good thing no one has enough of this stuff to fill a city…

Relaxing Fragrance – Effect, targets become passive for 30 seconds – Based on the Pax syringe, it combines all the wonderful things left in the world and weaponizes them. You’ll be buddies with raiders while they chill out over the smell of Mutfruit and Nukacola.

Paralyzing Gas – Effect, paralyzes targets for 10 seconds – Based on the Lock Joint syringe, enemies will freeze like statues to this chemical. Maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s the deadly chemicals, but either way you should be able to enhance your mannequin collection at least.

General Anesthesia – Effect, reduces targets damage resistance by 25% for 2 minutes – Based on the Endangerol syringe, your enemies will feel all numb and wobbly after a simple huff. True, they may not be able to feel the pain, but targets tend to lower their guard and make themselves prone to injuries.

“Disguised Mines” – Mines that have been modified to be throwable and innocuous.

Disguised Bottlecap Mine – Throwable, looks like a Vault-Tec Lunchbox – While you may argue this was unnecessary, come on, the normal Bottlecap Mine looks sketch as hell. You’d for sure get expelled for bringing it to class. However now you can pack your explosives in peace.

Disguised Cryo Mine – Throwable, looks like a Coffee Pot – What, never heard of iced coffee? If you’re in the mood to serve some cold justice, well this is at least an option. Someone sees this on the floor, thinks “Oooh, coffee!” then blam! Frozen solid.

Disguised Fragmentation Mine – Throwable, looks like a can of Red Paint – Ah yes, America’s paint. Full of freedom, democracy, high explosives. Ain’t nothing more patriotic, with this you’ll be painting the walls red alright. Be sure to throw it into the houses of any dirty commies you see.

Disguised Plasma Mine – Throwable, looks like a Teddy Bear – Come on, we all knew these things were deadly. How many have you seen around corpses, with strange objects, and hiding in cold dark corridors? Now you can rear them as your own and deploy them to unleash their deadly deathness.

Disguised Pulse Mine – Throwable, looks like a Giddyup Buttercup Head – If you need to send a message, this is how you do it. However, horses have been gone for a while, so you’ll have to compromise. Any robot that tries to sleep peacefully at night will be met with a rude awakening.

“Chem Darts” – Small darts meant to be thrown into companions for a quick boost.

Buffout Dart – Injects target with Buffout – If you feel your companion could do with a bit of bulking up, this classic steroid should do the trick! Make them healthy, strong and tough in just one shot. Effects last for 5 minutes, like normal Buffout. Side effects may include testicular shrinkage and addiction.

Med-X Dart – Injects target with Med-X – If your companion is feeling a little down, a tooth ache or bullet wound lingering on, then I think they deserve a shot of morphine Med-X! Make the pain go away, and increase their resistance to damage as well. If they start getting shaky after disuse, just give them more!

Psycho Dart – Injects target with Psycho – If you think your companion isn’t pulling their weight and pulling their punches, there is nothing like a dose of Psycho to give them a boost. Watch as they are filled with enthusiasm for their work, and won’t stop even for bullets! Now Cait, put down that Fat-Man!

“Deployable Turrets” – A special addon to the main mod, deploy a temporary turret anywhere you go.

This is pretty self-explanatory so I won’t get into the details. This addon, which can actually be installed by itself if you choose, adds all seven turret types from the workshop as deployable “mines” to use to your liking. This includes the Machinegun Turret and the heavy variant, the Laser Turret and the heavy variant, the Shotgun Turret, the Spotlight, and finally the Missile Turret. They can be very powerful and very effective in the right location; however there are some drawbacks you should be made aware of.

The turrets are a one-time use. You have to leave it where it lays, as currently there isn’t a way to repackage them one deployed. Perhaps when the GECK in released, this can be fixed.
The turrets disappear when you get too far away. From what I’ve seen the distance is roughly the space from mid Sanctuary to the Red Rocket station. Got to keep an eye on your hardware.
The turrets cost over twice the resources to build. Each one takes more supplies to make, but also need their type of ammo and compact power, in the form of fusion cells, to make portable with the exception of the Machinegun Turrets that only require ammo.
The turret cases are increasingly heavy. You’re lugging a whole turret around, each one is pretty heavy, however the stronger the weapon attached, the heavier the case is. This does prevent you from lugging dozens of these around sadly, but their effectiveness can outweigh this downside.
The turrets can be defeated and stay dormant. While technically they can’t be destroyed, they will fall in a state of disrepair after taking enough damage. Perhaps when the GECK is released, I’ll be able to add a way to repair them.

“Grenade Implementation” – Another addon that integrates many of the new grenades into the game.

This may also be self-explanatory but, this addon adds many (not all) of the new grenades to most grenade spawning lists for enemies, containers, and vendors. They’ve been distributed carefully throughout based on effectiveness and perceived rarity, making it so you don’t get hit with a vial of Nitroglycerin at level 1. This includes the Dud Grenade, for example, so there is a chance that enemies will throw duds by mistake, which can create an opportunity for you. The length of each level list has exactly doubled thanks to the new grenades, and that doesn’t even include a lot of them.

The type of grenades you’ll find out in the wild are Dud Grenades, Full Jerrycans, Incendiary Grenades, Buffed Ratpoison, Tesla Conduits, Liquid Nitrogen, Nitroglycerin, Dirty Bombs, and at high levels Damaged Fusion Cores. People won’t be throwing any of the Neural Chemicals, Disguised Mines, Chem Darts, or Deployable Turrets (although of course, they will have the normal ones).

“Compatibility” – A statement and warning about the compatibility of this mod with others.

This mod changes no values or records of the vanilla game files, with the exception of the Integration addon that adds the new grenades to the games grenade spawn lists, so any mod that changes those will conflict. However, many times such as Nitroglycerin rely on vanilla records for some of it’s data, so changes to, say, the damage values of grenades and mines from the main game in an other mod will effect many of the grenades in this mod as well. This can be considered good or bad, depending on your preferences, although since not all grenades are like this it may lead to inconsistent effectiveness throughout the mod.

Thank you everyone for looking at my mod 🙂 This is my first somewhat sizable mod, although I’ve been doing small mods and digging around in the files for personal whynotsitz for years. If you have any suggestions, problems, or bug reports, please let me know in the comments.

Credits: Seanms1991
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