Homemaker – Settlement Keywords compatibility patch

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Homemaker – Settlement Keywords compatibility patch

This is a compatibility patch for Homemaker and Settlement Keywords (SK) 0.4a. Using SK 0.5 will cause ctd, though it has no advantage over 0.4a.
Homemaker is a stand-alone mod which adds a lot of new items to the workshop. Settlement Keywords is framework which ensures compatibility between all mods using the framework. By making Homemaker compatible with SK, Homemaker also automatically becomes compatible with all those mods using the SK framework. (A list of those mods can be found on the Settlement Keywords page)

If you use both mods without a compatibility patch, they will overwrite each others sub-menus in the workshop, causing you to miss items of which one is first in your load order. This patch ensures that all sub-menus from both mods are shown, but duplicate sub-menus are hidden.

Finding Settlement Keywords items in the sub-menus:
In vanilla and Settlement Keywords, all chairs, couches and bar stools were in the furniture->chairs menu.
In Homemaker, these separated in multiple sub-menus, like this:
Any chair items added by Settlement Keywords mods to the chairs menu, will be in seats->chairs.

Though in most cases, Homemaker added a misc sub-menu, in which items added by Settlement Keywords mod will be found.
For example, containers were also sorted into multiple sub-menus, vanilla was: furniture->containers
And Homemaker did this:
->misc (due to the name being overwritten by SK, it’s now named ‘containers’)
In this example, container items added by SK mods will be in furniture->containers->containers
Another example: decorations->misc decor items from SK mods will be in decorations->miscellaneous->misc decor

Use Nexus Mod Manager, or manually drop the .esp in your data folder.
Load order:
Homemaker.esm first, SettlementKeywords.esm second, and Homemaker-SettlementKeywords-patch.esp third. Any mods using Settlement Keywords after that.

Important note!: some mods may have both a Homemaker compatibility patch and a Settlement Keywords version. The Settlement Keywords version is recommended if the mod doesn’t add new menus, otherwise, the Homemaker patch is recommended.

Version 1.1 (first public release) is currently the latest, all items are available in this version. Homemaker moved several vanilla sub-menus into new sub-menus as a misc section, this mod prefers those new menus.

Version 0.1 is the same as 1.1, except the duplicate sub-menus aren’t hidden. If you are still missing items, you can try if they’re shown in this version.
(In version 1.0, I forgot to hide some duplicate sub-menus. Not uploaded because it has no use.)
All versions were made for Homemaker 1.23 and Settlement Keywords 0.4a. Using it with SK 0.5 causes a ctd when fast-traveling to a settlement. (or entering a settlement any other way probably too)

Future plans:
Integrate some of the menus added by SK into the Homemaker sub-menus. Example:
Vanilla & SK:
decorations->small floor coverings
->floor coverings
->large floor coverings (added by SK)
Homemaker & this patch:
decorations->floor coverings->small floor coverings
->floor coverings
->large floor coverings (added by SK)
future plan:
decorations->floor coverings->small floor coverings
->medium floor coverings (previously ‘floor coverings’)
->large floor coverings (added by SK)

Users have reported that Snap ‘n Build is incompatible. This caused by Snap ‘n Build adding new menus in the workshop, instead of using only menus from Settlement Keywords. This means that a new separate patch is required for Homemaker, SK and Snap ‘n build work together. I will look into this.
Other mods adding new menus will likely also be incompatible, despite them being Settlement Keywords mods. If they have a Homemaker patch, I would suggest trying that one.
Using this with SK 0.5 will cause ctd. 0.5 only adds a landscaping menu, which is currently not used (to my knowledge), and unneeded as homemaker already adds landscaping items. Mods made for SK 0.5 will probably work with 0.4a too, though their landscaping items will not be available.

Homemaker and Settlement Keywords for their excellent mods of course.
FO4Edit was used to make this.

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