Hyper-Velocity Rail Cannon (With Assault Pack)

Hyper-Velocity Rail Cannon (With Assault Pack)

Hyper-Velocity Rail Cannon. Gameplay video:

Download either the original or the reduced power version depending on preference.

Install instructions:
Either move assault.txt into your fallout folder and run “bat assault” in game or manually input these codes into the console.

Add Armour:

player.placeatme 12b408
Add Rail Cannon:
player.additem d1eb0
Add Rail Cannon ammo:
player.additem 18abdf 1000
Add modifications:
player.additem 1889f5
player.additem 1c34ba
Add Willpower Elixir:
player.additem 366c5 1000

After installing and using these codes, take the parts of power armour and equip them (use transfer to grab them). Double jump causes jet pack to activate. Go to a weapon bench and put the mods you just got onto your Rail Cannon and SET A HOTKEY FOR WILLPOWER ELIXIR! That’s it!, you are ready to go. Have fun!

Rail Cannon:
-Replaces Gauss rifle.
-Adds small super powerful blast radius and shrapnel to shots.
-Replaced textures, charge animation, clip size, explosion animation, Weight, fire rate, Projectile and damage stats.
-Bad ass new sounds for charge and fire made using Fruity Loops.
-Fires as an explosive beam laser.
-Recoil changes depending on barrel and stock.
-Comes in two versions Original and balanced.

Willpower Elixir:
– Replaces jet.
– Staggers enemies within medium range.
– Adds huge explosive resistance for 5 seconds.
– Slows time.
– Increases Agility.

Jet pack:
– Uses no fuel.
– Bigger jumps.

Uses XLSJ’s Long range bullet hole mod, with permission (Thankyou!)

Other changes
-Instant sprint with no delay.
-Motion blur Removed.

Special thanks to Diasin for playtesting throughout the operation and to XLSJ for giving me permission to use the awesome bullet mod.

Credits: Jace
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