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iHAC (I Hate Armor Clipping)


Hello all this is my first mod post ever so please bear with me as this is a work in progress.
I’ve taken to making this mod in my spare time for players who are planning to expressly use the NCR Ranger Veteran Armor. Please note however this mod greatly reduces the amount of clipping with armor pieces with almost any outfit making it very useful. For this reason alone after the main files have finished I’ll also modify chest pieces and legs for enhanced compatibility.
If all goes well and I get a positive response from the community I’ll work on other projects but in the meantime this will be my main focus.

Update: I’ve discovered a much faster and higher quality process to clean these up than what I was using before. The 2.0 update will go live by 8am (mst). It should have more content and better quality. Version 2.0 is now live and I’ve decided to change the name to iHAC (I hate armor clipping).

Due to unforeseen events I haven’t been able to get the latest update out; however, in true iHAC fashion I’ve put out something to tide supporters over. What would a courier be if he didn’t have a bag? A pretty crappy one I can tell you that much. As such I’ve made the mail bag by eferas compatible with iHAC. It’s under the option files and looks great with the NCR Ranger Armor for the real courier look. As usual it’s male only but I’m hoping to finish up all the male armors then start working on female.
Thanks for your patience!


The purpose of this mod is to do one thing and one thing only. Eliminate clipping of armor pieces with the NCR Ranger Veteran armor.
If you’re anything like me you love this armor but hate the clipping that comes with it. Some pieces actually look really nice on it but the clipping tends to ruin the feel. Because of this it inspired me to start cleaning up the clipping issues on this set of armor.


This is a work in progress and I won’t be modifying the chest pieces only arms and legs. There’s no way I’ve found to manipulate the chest pieces to work with the armor without making all other NPC’s look really goofy so I’m not going to even attempt. Some leg pieces I might leave out if they don’t look right. This is also my first time posting a mod and I’m only working with Outfit Studio . I’m not really 100% on what I’m doing so I’ll solve problems as they come along. By no means am I a professional modder so you install at your own risk. Also as of right now it’s only for the male version.


[X]–Combat Armor Light Arms
[X]–Combat Armor Medium Arms
[X]–Combat Armor Heavy Arms
[TBA]–Combat Armor Light Legs
[TBA]–Combat Armor Medium Legs
[TBA]–Combat Armor Heavy Legs
[X]–Synth Light Arms
[X]–Synth Medium Arms
[X]–Synth Heavy Arms
[TBA]–Synth Light Legs
[TBA]–Synth Medium Legs
[TBA]–Synth Heavy Legs
[X]–Metal Light Arms
[X]–Metal Medium Arms
[X]–Metal Heavy Arms
[TBA]–Metal Light Legs
[TBA]–Metal Medium Legs
[TBA]–Metal Heavy Legs
[ ]–Raider Light Arms
[ ]–Raider Medium Arms
[ ]–Raider Heavy Arms
[TBA]–Raider Light Legs
[TBA]–Raider Medium Legs
[TBA]–Raider Heavy Legs
[ ]–Leather Light Arms
[ ]–Leather Medium Arms
[ ]–Leather Heavy Arms
[TBA]–Leather Light Legs
[TBA]–Leather Medium Legs
[TBA]–Leather Heavy Legs


NCR Ranger Veteran Armor
Armorsmith Extended


It really couldn’t be more simple.
All you have to do is extract the files into your Fallout 4 data folder.


I’ve added a file under optional files called Uninstall.
The process is still the same except these are the vanilla assets which will bring them back to normal.

DogtoothCG Unoctium for NCR Ranger Veteran Armor
Gambit77 for Armorsmith Extended
SecretAgent99 for Kellogg’s Metal Arm Armor-Standalone
Eferas for Wearable Postman Shoulder Bags or Backpack

>Why did you update this so much in such a short time?
I spent a couple hours realizing how easy this was to mod so before I went to bed I did some work.

>Why aren’t you doing legs and chest?
Because they look goofy after modification to the point that if you run another male character with a different under outfit it looks just well….dumb.

>Will this work with the latest version of NCR Ranger Veteran Armor?
Yes. It doesn’t modify the armor itself just the pieces you can put over it.

>Will you do Kellogg’s Metal Arm?
Already done at request.

Credits: JackTheShadow123
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