Immersive Narratives

Immersive Narratives

this mod was originally created as a part of the overhaul “Fallout Unleashed” , we decided to upload it as a standalone mod for those of you ho would like to have this feature but don’t want to use “Fallout Unleashed” for whatever reason .


It’s all about immersion.


Basically, it changes the game messaging texts . You can choose between several messaging personalities and moods.
For a more immersive feel, most are in first person … “I broke a bobby pin” instead of “You broke a bobby pin”…etc

Available personalities so far:

Messages are the same as vanilla, but in first person .

You have unlocked the door ………….. becomes …….. I unlocked the door
You cannot sleep in this location …….. becomes …….. I can’t sleep here
This terminal has locked you out …….. becomes …….. The terminal locked me out

Modeled after Mr. Torgue from the Borderlands series. EXPLETIVES!! EXPLOSIONS!!!!

You have unlocked the door ………….. becomes …….. You unlocked the F*CK OUTTA THAT DOOR!
You cannot sleep in this location …….. becomes …….. You can’t sleep here. Instead, GO BLOW SOME SH*T UP!!
This terminal has locked you out …….. becomes …….. Locked out?! THAT’S BULLSH*T!!

200 years of crio have toasted the Sole Survivor’s brain, causing a split personality of sorts and some crazy behavior.
The messaging system is now a bit schizophrenic, reflecting a delusional state named “the Allwiseman”…
The character talking to himself, to the Allwiseman, or sometimes imagining that person talking to him/her …

You must have a weapon drawn………. becomes ………You draw the weapon, me scoutonahead
The lock has been broken…………….. becomes …….. Having fun touching my ass ?, i broke the lock
You cannot sleep while trespassing…….becomes ………Just trespassin, unsleep in peace


Q: Do I need to start a new game, or will it work with my current save?
A: If you have any other mods that modify the above parameters, there may be unpredictable behavior, most of which can be fixed by changing load order.
you don’t need to start a new game .
Q: Can I easily uninstall it, or will I lose my saved game?
A: Given the nature of the modifications, there should be no problems with save games.


The mod was made with FO4Edit.


The mod is a single .esp file, just use Mod Manager, or copy it to your data folder and activate it within the launcher.
Use only one esp. , you can switch between personalities whenever you want by overwriting the installed one .


Many thanks to the FO4Edit team for their great work!

terso - neokio
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What is this mod use for

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