Immersive Vendors

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Immersive Vendors

My future plans for Immersive Vendors

– a meat dealer (Level 1,2,3) work in progress
– the Store is empty at night if the Vendor goes away (the most important for me)
– a selectable indoor variante (not a Market Stand)
… but I need the CK

Immersive Vendors improves all craftable stores. Specifically … the Armor, Bar, Clinic, Clothing, General and Weapon stores, both Shop (Level 2) and Emporium (Level 3). You will need the perks Local Leader 2 and Cap Collector 2 to build them all.

all Stores have visible Products
there are three different Level 3 Stores
three different install variantes

Immersive Vendors erweitert alle Händler für Rüstungen, Waffen, Kleider und Generelles sowie den Arzt und die Bar mit sichtbaren Produkten in ihren Läden.

alle Läden haben sichtbare Produckte
es gibt 3 verschiedene Level 3 Läden
drei verschiedene Installations Möglichkeiten

my Credits go:
– to Bethesda Softworks
– to Nexus for this mod spot
– to the NifSkope Developers
– to the FO4Edit Developers

– There is a mandatory part and tree optional parts.
– You can only use one of the optional parts!

Mandatory Part
1. Copy the Meshes Folder from “00 – Core” to your .\Fallout4\Data folder.

Optional parts
2. Select an option:

01 – T3 Without giant props on the top.
Not compatible with future versions!

02 – T3 Without giant props and without sign on top.
Not compatible with future versions!

03 – InGame Selectable T3 all three variants.
I strongly recommend you use this option (or Mandatory only). Coming versions will only be so. Shops were built with option 01 or 02, have then a false appearance.

3.Copy Meshes Folder from your prefered option to your .\Fallout4\Data folder and choose overwrite

4. If your prefered option “03 – InGame Selectable T3 all three variants” copy also the ImmersiveVendors.esp to your .\Fallout4\Data folder ant activate it (%localAppData%\Fallout4\plugins.txt)

Note!!! The ImmersiveVendors.esp has been made with FO4Edit. This Editor is experimentell.

– delete all files from this Mod in your .\Fallout 4\Data Folder

Version History
Version 1.4
– sign for the cutted version
– various corrections, extensions

Version 1.3
– various corrections of Items height
– add Level 1 Shops

Version 1.2
– add two new optional T3 Variantes
– add a Plugin (esp) for InGame selection

Version 1.1
– add T2

Version 1.0
– first ReleaseIf you want see also my Skyrim Mods

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