Immortal Settlers

Immortal Settlers

EDIT: There may be an issue with some **Spoiler** settlers. I am not far enough into the game to test it though. Please let me know if these ***Spoiler*** settlers become immortal too.


To make your game HARDER, Please see my other Mod: Mortal Settlers

I also recommend Settlement Raiding Mod by markprice4675. I used his mod to test mine. Its fun to use to create your own battles.

Changelog is at the bottom of this post. Current version: 0.7

Frankly, I prefer my other Mod: Mortal Settlers, but some people requested a version like this, so here you are:

Right now, generic settlers have the “protected” flag, which means they can only be killed by you. But some people have reported they can get killed on accident by splash explosion damage, falling, or a stray bullet fired from your minigun. This mod changes all generic settlers from “Protected” to “Essential” so they cannot die by any means. If their health expires, they will enter “bleedout” for about 15 seconds, and then get back up like nothing happened. Companions, Provisioners, Children, and Named settlers are unchanged, and will behave as in vanilla (mostly protected or essential already).

If it matters, I made it with FO4Edit.

What does this mod do?

Adds “Essential” flag to generic settlers so they cannot be killed by any means.
The “starter” settlers (Sturgis and the Longs) have not been changed, so it doesn’t break your game.
The “Provisioner” settlers that travel between settlements have not been changed, so it doesn’t break your game.
Companions have not been changed, so it doesn’t break your game.
Children have not been changed, and will behave as in vanilla (essential I think).
“Named” Settlers have not been changed, and will behave as vanilla. (some are essential Like the Finch, Abernathy and Warwick family – some are not protected, like the random named guys at Warwick farm).

What is the effect?

It makes it boring, IMHO, but you cant kill them by accident, nor can they fall to their deaths.
You really dont even need to equip them with anything beyond their starting equipment.
You can happily give them grenades, missiles, molotovs or fat man because they are now immortal and cant kill each other with an errant nuke.

How did you test it?

Loaded mod, went to Sanctuary set myself to god mode, spawned a lot of raiders and watched.
Did this 3 x.
Generic Settlers entered bleedout and got back up – even when I tried to shoot them many many times. They are now immortal.
Provisioners and the Longs entered bleedout like normal and got back up.
Companions (Codsworth) entered bleedout like normal and got back up.
The principal named settlers entered bleedout like normal and got back up.

What are the known issues?

None that I know of.
If you find a bug or wonky behaviour, please report it and I will try to fix it.

BE WARNED. Although I will feel terrible, I take no responsibility if this breaks your game. BE WARNED.

If you have bugs, fixes, suggestions, etc, please post comments and I will try to address.

Make sure you have made all the necessary configurations to enable mods in Fallout 4.
If you haven’t, check out this guide to learn how: FALLOUT 4 – Enabling Modding for PC by Gopher.

I seriously recommend installing through the Nexus Mod Manager. The installation wizard guides you through the steps, and it minimizes the potential for future errors.

With Nexus Mod Manager (NMM):
1. Download the mod by clicking “Download with manager”.
2. Activate the mod in Nexus Mod Manager

With Nexus Mod Manager (NMM):
1. Deactivate the mod by double-clicking it.
2. Mark the deactived mod and uninstall or delete it.

drdanzel – I copied his installation instruction section!

Changelog Version History:
0.6 – Initial Upload.

0.7 – I had put the wrong file in the upload. It had Mortal Settlers file in it on accident. I have now correctly uploaded Immortal Settlers. I apologize.

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