Invisible Combat Helmet

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Invisible Combat Helmet

This is a pretty simple mod I made for myself. I got my hands on the Commando Helmet and figured I was probably going to stick to that helmet for a long time, but I don’t like how my character looks with helmets on.

I’ve seen some other invisible helmet mods that use an invisible mesh, but end up making your character bald. That’s because they aren’t removing the biped slots from the armor record (which removes the necessity for the invisible mesh in the first place).

Mine is not necessarily a perfect solution. v1.1 prevents you from putting on more than one Combat Helmet, and blocks you from putting on the few other helmets I tested it against, but if there are any helmets that don’t take up the Headband slot, you’ll be able to equip both.

Will I expand it out to other helmets? Probably not. But if someone else wants to do so, they can use my mod as a starting point (and an example).

The picture is my character wearing the Commando Helmet (notice, he has hair).

Changelog –
v1.1 – Added back the headband slot to the armor and changed the armor addon for the helmet to take that slot, which makes it so you can’t equip more than one Combat Helmet, as well as preventing you from putting on other helmets (have not tested all helmets, there are still potential conflicts but I’m not going looking for them). From a cursory look, helmets tend to take at least the hair top, hair long, and headband slots, so this should hopefully suffice.
v1.0 – Initial release

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