Josephine – Custom Follower (WIP)

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Josephine – Custom Follower (WIP)


Vanilla Body and Vanilla Body and Hair versions added.

Josephine (CBBE)
CBBE Simply Clothes
Ponytail Variations

Josephine (Vanilla Body)
Ponytail Variations

Josephine (Vanilla Body and Hair)

Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction
True Eyes
(Desaturated – Soft Lashes)

Thanks to them!

1. Install the req. mods with NMM
2. Install Josephine.
3. Josephine.esp should be at the bottom of your load order.
4. Start the Game, wait a few seconds and Josephine should run into your arms.

If you want to command her or trade with her, you can use the console:
open console, left click on her, type: setplayerteammate 1, press enter.
You can also change her weapon and outfit.

This mod is work in progress!
I will update it regularly.
It adds a custom follower to your game.
She will find you and leaves the main companion slot open, so you can take any other companion with her.
It’s nothing special for now. She just follow you around, is always there for you, will never leave your side, believes in you, sacrifices her life for you…and maybe more in the future.

My Other Mods
Atomic Surgery – Companion Overhaul

Special Thanks
terso who helped me a lot with FO4edit, because I’m relatively new to modding.
The Community
xatmos for Face Ripper
The Tes5/FO4edit Team

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