Kahlan Preset and Savegame

Kahlan Preset and Savegame

Kahlan’s face is now a preset!

Should be preset 8 but for some reason it’s 7 in my game despite clearly choosing 8, why? No clue but don’t care. Bottom line is now you can choose her face on a new game in chargen or an existing game using “slm 14” or “slm player 1” in the console without the quotations. One detail I did change, is I didn’t want it too dependent on other mods so I used a vanilla hair on her which you see in the screenshot above. The .esp is still dependent on The Eyes of Beauty, Standalone v2.4 though as I could not bring myself to use the original dull vanilla eyes. It should be noted however, that if you are not using many of the mods I’ve listed below that your preset character will not look the same as what you see in the screenshot.

*2 Ponytail Hairstyle by Azar options since the initial file used a hair mod which is no longer on Nexus. Also one with a different eye since some were experience issues with the “Blue Star” eye in the original file. The new eye is “Demon.”

*Face Ripper is known to cause some facial anomalies, such as: new flaws, scars, and extras, along with the removal of makeup, etc. If you notice changes from the screenshots changing the skin color may fix the problem.

This is Kahlan, my second playthrough character. I had to use faceripper to get her back to a pre-vault exit save since she looked quite different back then. I’ve posted one or two screens of her previous looks, most of the changes are subtle stuff which can be easily tweaked like hair, lips, makeup, but this save has a different enough facial structure that it would be a challenge to “go back.” So if anyone wants one of the previous looks pm me and I can send you the save file.

Here is the list of mods which affect her face:

Appealing Moles
More hairstyles for male and female (Mod no longer located on Nexus, which I just now discovered.)
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
Deluxe Makeup
The Eyes of Beauty, Standalone v.2.4
True Eyes (for the lashes only, can’t recall which ones I use but it’s the softer ones with less mascara.)
HD Smile
Oni Vanilla Hair Retexture (vanilla color version)
WX Hair Colors
Valkyr Female Face and Body (only face textures.)
Eye Normal Map Fix

*I recommend using Ida body texture. I use the paler version.
*Oni Asian Face parts is installed, but I don’t think she uses any of that mods assets.

Mods Used to create preset version:
FO4 Faceripper

Permissions: I don’t care what you do with her, but if you do use her as a basis/variation for your own released mod, give me a shout out. It’s all I ask, and thanks!

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