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08 December 2015 : Add a new file : place mod’s name at the end ( [weight]armor name[mod1][mod2]) (French only)
07 December 2015 : Separate the files for friendly use with NMM.

07 December 2015 : Release of “plus” version.
Example : Light armor is ” + leather armor “, medium become ” ++ leather armor ” and heavy > ” +++ leather armor ”

07 December 2015 : Legendary items doesn’t have the tag of “Misc” mod : it’s not a bug of my mod (i originally thought it was) but the same problem that the “Weight” tags. Legendary tags use the same Tag that the Misc mod. But legendary have priority.

What does this mod do :
Most of armors in this game have different level of efficiency and weight.
A normal piece have no special tag. Mid-armor have a [Sturdy] tag and Top-armor have a [Heavy] tag.
The problem is if a MISC mod is installed on the armor, this tag will disappear. And the real problem is when you find an armor already modded on a corpse ..and you cannot see what is the Weight of this armor.

This mod make all armor in the game have a tag [Sturdy] if the armor without mods originally have this tag. Same thing about the tag [Heavy].
It is simply made by making independent MISC mods and Weight “mods”. It allows to keep the weight tag.

Files and options :
Armor can now have more tags in the same time.
So i will try to make an update for let you decide in which position you want the weight tag will be.

files :
armor_weight_tag1_EN : weight tag in 1st position, for English player.
armor_weight_tag1_FR : weight tag in 1st position, for French player.
armor_weight_tagplus_EN : weight tag in 1st position, with “+”,”++”,”+++” instead of light armor,”sturdy” and “heavy” , for English player.
armor_weight_tagplus_FR : weight tag in 1st position, with “+”,”++”,”+++” instead of light armor,”sturdy” and “heavy” , for French player.
armor_weight_tag1NameMod_FR : weight tag in 1st position, mod’s name after the armor’s name. For French player.
(all files were made with FO4edit, thanks to their team !)

Installation/remove mod :
Place the .esp file you want in the data folder and activate the plugin.
Please visit this link for fully information.

Info :
-Please note that the armor already loaded (in your inventory or workbench and storage) have to be “reloaded” for loading the new tag. This can be made by drop armor in the floor and retake them.

-This mod is a small reorganization of principals tag, it doesn’t change any armor’s name, so i think it will be highly compatible with other mods like “sorting” mod.

Feedback :

Don’t hesitate to comment and reporting bugs ! I’m French, but i will try to read as many constructive criticism as i can.

Credits: Chronos1172
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