Know Your Unique Items

Know Your Unique Items

So I made this mod because I have trouble telling apart unique items from legendary. On some occasions I even sold a few unique items. So if you’re a collector like myself and you have trouble telling unique items apart from legendary then this is for you. I made this mod with F04edit so bugs are to be expected. It works best if you start a new game.

Basically it adds the “[U]” tag in every unique item’s name.


Download manually and extract into your Data folder or use NMM(recommended).


Alien Blaster
Preston’s Laser Musket
Grognak’s Axe
Junk Jet
Eddie’s Peace
Wastelander’s Friend
Overseer’s Guardian
AX90 Fury
Spray n’ Pray
Old Faithful
Tinker Tom Special
Rockville Slugger
Fahrenheit’s Flaming Minigun
Zao’s sword
Experiment 18-A
Champion Chestpiece
Champion Right Arm
Champion Left Arm
Wastelander’s Chest Piece
Wastelander’s Right Leg
Destroyer’s Chest Piece
Destroyer’s Left Leg
Destroyer’s Right Leg
Destroyer’s Helmet
Destroyer’s Left Arm
Devastator’s Right Greave
Devastator’s Chestpiece
Commando Helmet
Commando Chest Piece
Mark 2 Synth Chest Piece
Mark 2 Synth Helmet
Mark 4 Synth Left Leg
Mark 4 Synth Chest Piece
Mark 3 Synth Right Arm
Mark 3 Synth Chest Piece
Good Intentions
Le Fusil Terribles
Righteous Authority
Wazer Wifle
Sentinel’s Plasmacaster
Death From Above
Virgil’s Rifle
Survivor’s Special
Grognak Costume
Final Judgment
Kellogg’s Pistol
Kellogg’s Outfit
The Gainer
Big Jim
Steadfast BOS Combat Armor Chest Piece
Exemplar’s T-60c Torso (all variants)
Visionary’s T-60c Helm (all variants)
Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest
Reba II
Tessa’s Fist
Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential”
Overseer’s Left Armguard
Overseer’s Right Armguard
Mantis Left Armguard
Mantis Left Greave
Black Ops Right Shinguard
Black Ops Chestpiece
Protector’s Left Armguard
Protector’s Right Armguard
Special Agent Tuxedo
Apocalypse Left Greave
Apocalypse Chestplate
Big Boy
General Chao’s Revenge
The Last Minute
Freefall Armor Right Leg
Freefall Armor Left Leg
Minutemen General’s Uniform
Minutemen General’s Hat
Quinlan’s Armor
Teagan’s Armor
Cait’s Bandolier
Father’s Lab Coat
Lorenzo’s Suit
Lorenzo’s Crown
MacCready’s Duster
Maxson’s Battlecoat
Nat’s Dress
Red Leather Trench Coat
Press Cap
Geneva’s Ensemble
Cabot’s Lab Coat
Silver Shroud Costume (all variants)
Silver Shroud Hat
Mascot Head
Zeke’s Jacket and Jeans
Grognak Costume
Grandpa Savoldi’s Hat
Liam’s Glasses
Submariner Uniform
Agatha’s Dress
Reginald’s Suit
Rex’s Suit
Captain Ironsides’ Hat
Lieutenant’s Hat
Watcher’s Bandage
Submariner Hat

Credits: StantonCree aka Ray
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