Lapdragon’s Lightweight Item Sorting

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Lapdragon’s Lightweight Item Sorting

~Lapdragon’s Lightweight Item Sorting~

A very old mod that started with the fact that “colander” does not have 2 L’s in it…

This is my collection of “sorting” mods (like Valdacil’s and the others), except I did not go for tags on the items for the most part, I merely popped a space onto the front of the item’s name if I wanted it to float to the top. I’m really not fussed about sorting all the armors and weapons properly, the game does a decent-enough job to start with, but there’s certain things that REALLY needed to be fixed (like colanders).

This mod is broken up into four pieces:

1. Puts a space at the beginning of all of the “chems”, so that they sort to the top of the Aid category – this makes putting them into the medkit box at home base quicker.
2. Puts the word “Raw” in front of all cookable meats – “Deathclaw Meat” becomes “Raw Deathclaw Meat” – this sorts the cookable meats all together in the inventory.
3. Food and Alchohol get a [Fd] and [Bz] tag, respectively – I really didn’t want to go with a tag, but having them all mixed together makes my OCD hurt.
4. Assorted naming fixes – I capitalized some of the names properly (Ash blossom to Ash Blossom)
5. I’ve integrated MooKittyBonnie’s Simple Bug Fixes to appropriate items. If you use her mod, load mine after hers so that the sorting changes stick.
##NOTE## The Aid sorting mod requires HerpDerp’s excellent Chems Redux for it’s updated meshes – I’ve gotten permission from him to use his meshes in this mod, so you no longer need to go get his. I’ve packed in the Glowing chems version – if you want the regular non-glowing chems, then definitely grab them from his mod page! πŸ™‚

1. Puts a space at the beginning of all of the ammo, so that they sort to the top of the list when looking at the general inventory.
2. Puts a space at the beginning of all of the explosives, so that they sort to the top of the weapons list – I like to put them into their own box at home, so this makes finding them in the weapons list vastly easier.
3. Puts the word “Round” into ammo that didn’t have it, just to standardize the ammo.
4. Assorted naming tweaks – nothing major, but I’ve made minor adjustments to things like the .45 round, to be .45 ACP Rounds.

1. Puts a space at the beginning of all of the Magazines, so that they sort to the top of the “Misc” category – this makes putting them into their racks at home base vastly quicker.
2. This part is an actual change to the game – there are 4 magazines missing in the vanilla game, 3 La Coiffe mags, and 1 RobCo Fun. I’ve rebuilt the magazines and reinserted them to somewhat appropriate locations ingame. The RobCo one does NOT have a functioning game attached – Bethesda didn’t include it into the game, so I couldn’t restore it.
La Coiffe 2: in the North End Boxing Gym
La Coiffe 3: not placed yet – I’m taking suggestions!
La Coiffe 4: in the Old Corner Bookstore
RobCo Fun 3: in the Wilson Atomatoys Factory (not the Corporate HQ).

This is the one that’s probably going to upset people – there are a bunch of assorted things that bugged me about scrapping junk items for parts, so I took the liberty of adjusting them – I’m pretty sure that the bulk of screwdrivers in the world were no longer using wooden handles, and any pair of quality scissors that I’ve ever owned had a screw or rivet in them – so I’ve adjusted a few of the scrap recipes to be slightly more realistic IMHO.

1. Bobbleheads have been renamed to “Bobblehead – ZZZYYYXXX”, instead of “ZZZYYYXXX Bobblehead” – this lumps them all together in the inventory, and you can find them without hunting past “B” in the inventory to put them into their stand.
2. All Bones have been prefixed “Bones – XXXZZZYYY”, so they group together.
3. All Empty containers (bottles, paint cans, etc) have been renamed so they group together.
4. All Pool balls have been numbered instead of named – “One Ball” is now “1 Ball”, this puts them all together in a group, and I’ve also added a space to their name, so that they sort to the top and lump together.
5. All “pre-war” items have been renamed to actually say that they’re pre-war instead of just “clean” or “pristine” or whatnot, additionally they’ve all had the “not junkket ammo” keyword added, and they’re tagged as prewar items (for whatever purpose that has, I don’t know – I just standardized it).
6. All “valuable” junk has been tagged as “not junket ammo” – I really didn’t want to be using duct tape, wonderglue, or lightbulbs as junkjet ammo, when they’re vastly more valuable as adhesive and copper. I’m taking suggestions for more things to add to that list.
7. All of the “base materials” MISC items (like Steel, Copper, Adhesive, Springs, Screws, etc) have had the tag [ws] added – this sorts them to the bottom of the Junk section, so that they group together, and also don’t sit next to any identically-named junk items (like the Gear world item).
8. All of the “burnt” books/comics/magazines have had cloth added to them (1 for magazines, 2 for books), so that they have a function in the game. This also adds the side-benefit of making them glow with the Scrapper perk. I’ve also added a single cloth to the “Folder” item, for the same reason.
9. All of the “dog tags” items (BoS holotags and dog tags) have been made unscrappable and flagged as not junket ammo – I know it’s not completely realistic, but the concept of scrapping a soldier’s dog tags for a single bit of steel just didn’t sit well with me. These guys are entrusted with maintaining our freedoms, and I don’t like even symbolically belittling that in a video game. I’ve done the same with the Tri-Fold flags, purely for respect purposes.

10. Not optional, but also not game-breaking: this is the assorted scrapping tweaks I’ve made – there’s likely too many to list, but there’s a fair number of them also included in the Mo Betta Scrap mod – we kinda worked towards the same goal at the same time, so there’s some duplication. If you use his mod, load it before mine, and any naming changes I’ve made will overwrite. I promise promise promise that none of the changes here will ruin the game for you – you’ll have to trust me that they’re appropriate, and worth having if you want the sorting fixes too.

### Built with FO4Edit

### Many Thanks to HerpDerp for allowing me to package in his Chems Redux meshes, so that we don’t have to deal with compatablity patches! πŸ™‚

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