Lovely Lady Lingerie

Lovely Lady Lingerie

****This is a sexy skimpy outfit, if thats not your thing then do not comment unless you want to get banned.****

Adds a collection of 24 lingerie outfits and 6 CBBE nevernude replacers to FO4. Elianora suggested the Nevernude replacer so blame her for that lol.I gave them an armor value of 50 plus you can weare armor parts over them, yeah OP but I dont care and No I want be changing it. It also gives you 2 points to charisma(I used the bathrobe info when making the esp and the bathrobe had that). I didnt actualy make this as a lingerie collection but for parts to use in other outfits like the stocking with a pair of shorts, or one of the panties under a skirt. The esp was because I needed to test them for clipping, but since it was all done I figured I would release it as a mod resource and as a playable lingerie mod.

They can be found in a suitcase inside the clothing store in Salem across from the church and next to the turret. Check the image section for location. There are 10 of each inside the suitcase and it should respawn. If the suitcase doesnt have them in it or you want more use the console. “player.placeatme **000830 1” without quotes and with the ** changed to the mods load order. Once you have taken what you want out of it select it in the console and type “disable” then enter. If it disapears type “markfordelete”. If it doesnt disapear then type “enable” and try targeting it again.

Bodyslide files in the optional section, includes the preset used to amke the body shape if you like it and want to set other outfits or CBBE to it. I don’t suggest using the preset on the lingerie though.

Nevernude body replacer collection is in the optional files. requires the main file to be installed but doesnt require activation. Manual install only. There is 6 folders named the same as the 6 panty and bra outfits. Pick the one you want and drag the contents into your data folder. To use body slide to change the body shape requires the ability to rename a .nif and move it to another folder. So use the outfit version thats in the optional bodyslide files to make the shape you want and once you have the shape hold the ctrl button on your keyboard and click the build button in Bodyslide. The mesh will now be in your Bodyslide folder with the Bodyslide exe files. Rename it to FemaleBody.nif and move it to the Meshes\actors\character\characterassets folder inside your data folder and yes to overwrite.

I am making this a mod resource. If you want something changed with it then you can do it. If you want to include the model in your mod then go for it(Read use permissions below).

I am open to suggestions for changes but not requests. This is a mod resource, if you have a request go ahead and make the request but do not direct the request to me. This is a mod resource so any complaints about the mod will get your comment deleted and if the complaint is bad nough it will get you banned from all my mods. “The textures suck” or similar will get you banned. The textures are a sample for texture artists, I am not a texture artist and I already know they suck. Constructive criticism or suggestions are welcome, If I like the suggestion I may do it.

Versions and update info:

V1.0 Initial release.
V1.01 Minor fix to the skin date for one outfit.

Compatibility and required files:

Requires: FO4 and CBBE

May be incompatible with anything that changes the same location.


Use NMM or…


1. Unzip/unrar to any location.
2. Copy contents into your Data folder.


Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Caliente and Ousnius

Mod Use Permission:

Requires credits to use.
Requires a link to the original mod in the description.
Requires sending me a link to the mod it is used in after it is uploaded.

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