M79 Thumper Grenade Launcher

M79 Thumper Grenade Launcher

V 2.2 Bleus a A-hole Edition
-Insane retexture work on the gun, check first 6 pics and even they don’t do it justice, she looks gorgeous on a 4k monitor even super up close.

V 2.1 Final Final
-Added Grapeshot MIRV Bounce modifications.. Don’t ever use this…

V 2.0 Final Updates
-2k Textures working as intended now as well as normal maps fixed
-Complete re-texture AND Re-mesh of the gun allowing for animation alignment to be more on point
-Grapeshot barrels are now available for the main gun instead of having to craft a different one (This will not remove your old grapeshot so if you already made it you will have it but you won’t be able to modify it I think)
-Check the new video and first 6 pictures for the new look, it is retroactive feel free to install over and keep playing

V 1.79b Updates
She now ‘Thumps” when she fires, woot

V 1.79 Updates

-Added 3 new barrels for the main launcher that ‘throw’ grenades of the equivalent barrel type

-Speed of the shells has been increased while gravity has been slightly decreased allowing for more range.

-Added a new Grapeshot version of the gun with Frag Cryo and Plasma Barrels

-Grapeshot versions dmg number is deceptive, it fires 18 shells with small explosion radius, probably the most powerful short range gun in the game.

-Tried to keep the damage reasonable with prices/perks to make reasonable as well

-Changed the thumper shells to make 10 at a time at 5 times the initial cost of 1. So shells are half priced in batches of 10 now.

M79 Thumper
Time to make the chimi-f*****g-changas!

Special thanks to Bleu for the beautiful mesh, I also hate him for how long it took to figure this thing out lol, but she’s a beaut

Watch the fricking video. Craft it at utility, have perks to craft, make EXPLOSIONS.

Known Bugs ish
Visual glitches when it’s dropped or in the crafting menu. I had to tweak a lot of positions in the meshes to get it to be correct when holding and apparently they only translate while holding the gun. Live and learn, next gun should be A-OK in hands and out πŸ™‚

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