Male Take Over – MTO

Male Take Over – MTO

Male Take Over, or MTO, is a mod that changes all generic, un-named NPCs into men, just like Skyrim’s Masculinized Level Lists mod. Restarting a new game is not needed, as this mod will replace your current NPCs, It will not affect named NPCs females because I didn’t want to risk breaking anyone’s game or a quest that involved a woman (such as obtaining Bunker Hill as a settlement by talking to the woman in charge). In other words, Connie Abernathy will still be a female, as well as other NPCs that have a specific/unique name.

Are you a man hater? Is your character a Black Widow build? Do you have a perk or mod that lets you rain havoc on males? Do you just want to stick it to the men of the world? Do you wish the Minutemen were actually men? Do female Gunners or Raiders break your immersion of what a post-apocalyptic would be like? Do you look at your empty settlement and wish Travis would play “It’s Raining Men” on the radio?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this mod is for you!

But what if you don’t want every NPC to be male? Do you want the Gunners, Raiders, and such to be all male so you can blow their heads off to make way for the women to rule the world!? Whatever your reason, the other seven .esp files in the FOMOD allow you to pick and choose what group of NPCs you want to be all male! The FOMOD is currently set up to install one .esp to rule them all (all NPCs become male) or install your faction .esps (only the groups you select become male).

For those wanting to pick and choose their groups, I currently have the NPCs split up into the following FACTIONS:
– BoS Males – Brotherhood of Steel NPCs.
– City Males – City inhabitants from Diamond City, Bunker Hill, etc.
– Enemy Males – Normally aggressive enemies, such as Gunners, Raiders, Children of Atom, Scavengers, etc.
– Institute Males – Institute dwellers.
– MinuteMen Males – Minutemen will now actually BE men.
– Miscellaneous Males – NPCs not part of the other groups, such as Settlers, Farmers, etc.
– Railroad Males – Railroad NPCs, including rebel synths(which I am assuming are part of the Institutes SRB tasks).

Thom293’s Only Female Settlers, Better Settlers and Mortal Settlers, should work with my mod, during installation, do NOT select the “Male Take Over” or “Miscellaneous Males” options. I am in communication with Thom to figure out how to make my mod compatible with his for these two options.

Beautiful Female Settlers should also work, again, just don’t select either of those two options listed above.

For some REALLY HOT men, I recommend using the Super Hero Body mod for some sexy men.

Use NMM or download manually. Follow the FOMOD instructions and choose either the main file or the customization option to then
choose what factions you want as male.

To uninstall, remove through NMM or delete the “Male Take Over.esp”, ” Males.esp” file(s), depending
on which ones you selected during installation. is listed just above the compatibility section.

All the other modders out there, the work and dedication you put into your mods has been greatly appreciated by myself and countless
others over the years. I want to give a HUGE thanks to the Hall of Torque people (LadyM, Hymnaru, Ixum, and many others) and LoversLab for the male mods of Skyrim and getting me interested in modding. Additionally, Gopher and Dan Dorscha, for their YouTube channels on how to install mods and use TES5/FO4 Edit and other applications, I would’ve been lost without your tutorials. Nexus modders i0Bjhansen0 for helping me figure out how to edit the files and create a FOMOD and Thom293 for helping me figure out which files to edit in the first place and taking a look at my mod to help make it truly compatible with his Better Settlers and Mortal Settlers mods.

Permission is granted for individuals to use my mod as a basis, I just ask that you give me proper credit. Like Thom293 was so great in giving me with his mod. For creating your own mod, permission is granted, even if you want to have mine as a requirement (such as a FO4 version of Skyrim’s Bathing Beefcake Luxury Suite Bathing Beauties or Beefcake – Luxury Suite……hint nudge wink poke migal130!)

Permission is NOT given to re-post my mod, in part or whole, on any other website. This mod is, and always will be a free mod.

If you notice I missed one or have one in the wrong faction group, please let me know through the bug report section, see the BUGS section for what information I need.

Version 1.0 – Found some more ‘female’ tags in some files I missed.

Version 0.d – Everything is now in the single FOMOD. Just pick your selection of what you want. You can now choose to have all NPCs as male or specifically choose which factions you want to be changed.

Joxs Trapp
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