MANSHED’s Off The Bat Batch.

MANSHED’s Off The Bat Batch.

You’ll be doing yourself out of hours of fun if you use this script before playing the game through as intended. I solely intend the use to be for RETURNING players. Who wish to skip the unnecessaries and get straight down to business.

I Love Fallout 4 and I’m continually making new characters. As everyone knows that the start of any game can sometimes be tedious. Especially if you have already done it a few times. I solved my Sanctuary junk problem with another users mod. All that was left to do. Was to get my character buffed. I made a batch file with everything I thought I’d need (Items listed below). Happy Day’s πŸ™‚

It was only when I’ve used it a few times. I realised that anyone could use it. I’ve been coming out of the cryo’ chamber and bating that toon straight away.
I’ve even got it to equip the items before you get your Pip-boy.

I know this is just another batch file but at least it isn’t body-slide preset. πŸ˜›

How to Install:

Extract files manually to game folder.

How to activate:

Open the ‘Console’. Then type ‘BAT MMS’ for male or ‘BAT FMS’ for female.
Upon leaving the console you should be equipped with Helmeted Armour and a Alien Blaster. Your character will have all perks, magazines and bobblehead’s and much more.

Whats in this batch?

This batch file…

Increases movement speed by 20%,
Increases your level up to 271,
Grants you all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perks,
Grants you all companion perks,
All magazines & corresponding perks,
All Holotape games,
Shed loads of caps,
Shed loads of Bobby-pins,
Alien Blaster,
Small Selection of armour,
First Aid Kit. ie stim’s and rad’s

……… with as much ammo as a small army.

If you don’t like it.. You can @echo off :p

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What is this mod use for

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