Material Swap Mod Tutorial – FO4Edit Tips

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Material Swap Mod Tutorial – FO4Edit Tips

So I kept getting asked how I made ESP edits to allow selectable modules in game to handle re-textures and swaps. So I put together this tutorial.
I expect you have some basic understanding of how to use xEdit (FO4Edit). Also that you have created the textures and material files you’re going to need.

To skip intro and basic armor layout build jump to 7:37

The base mod I used was from Tactical Combat Armor – CBBE – Jane Bod – Bodyslide by ralfetas
With his permission I edited and reposted it on LL.

I got the idea from the Kerrigan armor mod with the color option addon. However I was not able to find a good tutorial that explains how to do it. So here’s one.

The starting armor workflow:
Start with making the base armor mod.
Create ARMA record.
Create ARMO record.
Create COBJ to make ARMO.

From here you’ve got a working, equippable item.

To make the modules the following workflow is what I use:

If you don’t already have a filter ma_ keyword, create one. Set TNAM to “Unknown 5”.
create MSWP (Material Swap) referencing the base bgsm (from the nif) and point to the new (swap) bgsm.
create OMOD (Object Modification) using an ap_ style keyword for the category.
under MNAM add in ma_ keywords as filters.
point to the MSWP record we created in step 2
create COBJ (Constructible Object) pointing to the OMOD. Set CNAM to be FormID of OMOD record.
Update ARMO (Armor) record to reference the ap_ and ma_ keywords so the mod categories show up.
Under KWDA – Keywords: put the ma_ keyword if you haven’t already. Otherwise the OMOD won’t filter on this piece and it won’t show up.
Under APPR – Keywords: put the ap_ keyword for the category.
At this point creating a new piece will not have any omod attached and you have to tell it to do so with the OBTE section.
Note: adding parts does not automatically update the parts count. You must remember to do that manually.
Under parts A right click and Add.
Use the FormID reference of the OMOD you want added by default when you create the item.
repeat and add one OMOD for each slot.

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