Mediocrity – Deadly Guns

Mediocrity – Deadly Guns

Updated to 0.1a!

Featuring Melee Weapon buffs, a few more increased projectile ranges, and some in-game range value changes. See the changelog for details.

The in-game indicator, which shows range in feet, as far as I can tell, determines the maximum range at which full damage is applied to a target. The default range of most weapons is 256 units, or 12 feet. Many guns’ standard barrels apply a range multiplier of 16x, making the maximum range 192 feet, and many mods other than barrels change this value by smaller amounts (suppressors and muzzle breaks, for example). Damage dealt to the target diminishes beyond this range. 192 feet doesn’t seem like much, but it is plenty for most areas in the city areas, as sight lines are generally rather short. In more open areas, though, you’ll notice significant damage falloff with weapons that you’d think would have greater range.

This means that a rifle will do far less damage than it should beyond about 200 feet, which is considered point-blank range for something like a .308 bullet.
So I fixed that.

Version 0.1 notes below

Not a lot to say here, really; this is merely a change to the damage scaling between different guns.
Simply put, guns are slightly more lethal. A few select guns are massively more lethal (See: Broadsider, Minigun, Submachine Gun, Gauss Rifle)

Below is a full list of the damage changes and other changes. Records are listed in their FormID order seen in FO4Edit.

Damage changes

Assault Rifle: 30>45
10mm Pistol: 18>24
Laser Musket: 30>50
Minigun: 8>26
Pipe Gun: 13>18
Hunting Rifle: 37>50
Double-Barrel Shotgun: 45>60
Laser: 24>45
Gauss Rifle: 110>220
Deliverer: 25>28
Combat Rifle: 33>40
Gatling Laser: 14>22
Sledgehammer: 23>40
Broadsider: 33>200
Super Sledge: 40>80
Plasma: 24>60
Power Fist: 20>40
Pipe Bolt-Action: 34>45
Pipe Revolver: 24>32
Submachine Gun: 13>36
Institute: 21>48

Companion weapons that have a common equivalent are buffed to the same degree.

Explosion changes

Mini Nuke:
Damage: 450>800
Radius: 300>900
IS Radius: 850>1600 (Image Space radius, the size of the explosion graphic)
Damage: 135>300
Radius: 150>300

Projectile changes
Missile speed: 2500>5000
Seeker Missile speed: 2500>5000 (I haven’t acquired this mod myself, so I don’t know how/if this will affect the tracking mechanic. Post bug reports if you find them.)
Mini Nuke speed: 1900>2300
Broadsider cannon ball speed: 3500>7000

Weapon Mod (Located under Object Modification in FO4Edit) changes
Various decreases to the weight added by receiver mods
Automatic receivers decrease damage by a much smaller amount, i.e. 5-10% instead of 35% on some weapons.

I have changed some of the other projectiles’ range values beyond the default maximum of 10000 units or 142 meters, but this shouldn’t affect how damage falloff is calculated, only how far the projectile will travel. This should allow you to snipe enemies beyond 142 meters with a hunting rifle, for example. I have encountered range limits with visible enemies before, which is why I made these changes. Note that increased projectile range for a given weapon does not affect the range indicator displayed in the PipBoy menu, which is why I mention the damage falloff. If I can discover how to alter this value in the future, I will add it to a later release. Done!

That’s all for the current release. Feel free to edit this plugin in FO4Edit, or the Creation Kit when it comes out, to your heart’s content. As the permissions indicate, you can redistribute this mod wherever you please, though I would appreciate credit. Endorse if you like it, but don’t expect too much active support.

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