Missile Launcher Targeting Computer with Scope

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Missile Launcher Targeting Computer with Scope

I have seen several threads where people talk about how much it sucks not being able to scope with the missile launcher, and use the targeting system. Well, now you can! The costs of the two items vary, it is essentially what the scope and the targeting computer would cost together, but tweaked a little. I upped the perk requirements for balance reasons, since
combining the two systems should require more skill.

This mod adds two craftable scopes to the Missile Launcher, both of which have the ‘lock on’ capability of the targeting system.
Recon Scope sights – These use the X4 magnification recon scope zoom
NightVision Scope – This scope uses the X6 magnification on a nightvision scope (the standard nightvision lens for the missile launcher is X10

Many thanks to Nexus User Wenderer, we now have a complete mesh for the targeting computer with a scope! Go give his mods some love!

Made with FO4edit
Thanks to Wenderer for his FOMOD Creation Tool!
Thanks to the other users with weapon mods out there, that I had to peak at in order to figure out how to do this XD
Thanks for viewing my first mod πŸ˜€

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What is this mod use for

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