MK14 EBR Apparel Variants

MK14 EBR Apparel Variants

Craftable version available under the Optional Files! Requires Armorsmith Extended and Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR).

Shoutout to Dazzerfong (forever) for listing us on the original MK14 EBR page! It wouldn’t be here without you!

Shoutout to registrator2000 for listing us on the Visible Weapons page! For which this mod exists!

See the original turning weapons into apparel items thread posted by Descivii on the Nexus Forums HERE! Included there is a (not so great) writeup on making your own apparel weapons.


MK14 EBR Apparel Variants v1.0(03.09.2016)
Authors: Descivii, Kikaimegami



– Description & Obtainment
– Requirements & Compatibility
– Installation
– Known Issues/Bugs
– Credits
– Permissions/Legal/Etc.



This adds three apparel variants, one hip and two back, of
Dazzerfong’s MK14 EBR for use standalone, or in conjunction
with Visible Weapons and/or CROSS Cybernetics. These variants
REQUIRE Dazzerfong’s mod to function!

The back variants work with most armor, but may appear to
“float” off the back when wearing clothing only.

The hip variant is meant to be used with CROSS Cybernetics and
appear ‘attached’ to the heavy leg pieces. It will also
probably work okay with other heavy leg armors. Similar
to the back variants, it will ‘float’ with lighter armor or

How To Get:

Open the console with the tilde (~) key and type the following
to find the FormIDs:
help mk14 4

You can also look to see what position in the load order you
have placed MK14EBR_Apparel.esp.

The variants will have the following IDs:
Hip variant: XX000800
Back variant 1: XX000803
Back variant 2: XX000805

To get them into your inventory, in the console type:
player.additem FORMID 1

player.additem 7E000803 1

From here, you can add them to Visible Weapons per the
directions given there.




Unpack the contents of this archive into your Fallout 4 Data
folder and check MK14EBR_Apparel.esp in NMM or the mod manager
of your choice. The files contained within are the following:

Download, click install, and go! See the following for help
with getting mods working in FO4:


Known Issues/Bugs

None at this time! Please report any you find.



v1.0(03.09.2016) – Initial Release



MK14 EBR meshes and textures by Dazzerfong:

Back Apparel variants by Kikaimegami

Hip Apparel variant by Descivii, edited by Kikaimegami

ESP file by Descivvi, edited by Kikaimegami

This mod lovingly created with:
BodySlide and Outfit Studio 3.2
Nifskope 2.0.0 Pre-Alpha 4



You may not use any portion of this mod in whole or in part.
Please refer to the original MK14 EBR mod for usage permissions
on original assets.

Descivii and Kikaimegami
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