MOAR Turrets

MOAR Turrets

Modifications, Overhauls, Additions, & Rebalances Turrets!

I was never happy with the lack of variety in vanilla turret choices. Machinegun turrets are fairly weak by themselves and missile turrets are annoying when built en masse. Laser turrets are nice but again lack in variety. I started out with just the minigun turret and thought “Hey, this is kind of cool, what else can I add?” Quite a few, as it turns out!

Current turret list and perk requirements:
Minigun Turret (Gun Nut 4)
Railway Turret (shoots spikes just like the Railroad Rifle) (Gun Nut 3)
Flamer Turret (Gun Nut 3)
Cryo Turret (Gun Nut 3)
Cannon Turret (Broadsider version) (Gun Nut 3)
Cannon Emplacement (doesn’t rotate but uses full cannon model) (Gun Nut 3)
Gauss Turret (Gun Nut 4, SCIENCE! 2)
Gamma Turret (Gun Nut 3, SCIENCE! 2)

Gauss turrets are heavy hitters but fire slowly. Cannon turrets are also slow but due to their arc can hit targets slightly over their line-of-sight. Flamer and Cryo turrets are obviously close-range.

Each turret type requires 5 power and provides 16 defense rating. You will need a small amount of ammo related to each turret in order to build (cannonballs for the cannon, railroad spikes for the railway turrets, etc) in addition to normal components.

Gamma ray turrets function just like the gamma gun. Good for killing raiders, not so good for killing super mutants.

This modifies exactly zero existing content so there should be no conflicts with other mods. You can find them all in the same defense category as the vanilla turrets.

Known Issues:
Unable to place turrets on some game-world objects (this seems to be an issue with new objects in general). Put down a floor first if need be.
Gauss turret uses plasma sniper barrel due to the way the gauss rifle model handles barrels.
Cannon emplacements do not visibly rotate, have muzzle flashes, or proper muzzle locations. They still have a full firing arc, however.
Some turrets lack firing sounds.
Minigun turret lacks ammo can.
Minigun barrel does not rotate.
Difficult to place turrets close together. Use ‘tcl’ in console to help.

Future Plans:
Beef up the cannon emplacement for the ultimate FIRE BROADSIDE!
Blue laser turrets.
Superheavy laser turrets (as in a single, heavy beam similar to how the gauss turret works).
Heavier MG turret similar to real-life 20mm or 25mm ammunition types.
Grenade turret for long-range area-suppression.
SMG turret once I figure out what the damn thing would be good for.

Other Notes:

Is it balanced? Well, that depends on how you look at balance. 5 power is 2.5x higher than the vanlila laser turrets and they don’t do insane levels of damage. If anything, a few are probably underpowered for their upkeep and will be tweaked as needed. Building 50 of any turret is going to make things pointless, whether they’re machinegun turrets or miniguns.

Plasma turrets not included as they have already been done in Workshop Plasma Turrets by SingABrightSong

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