Modders Ressources – How to get the pearlescent paint

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Modders Ressources – How to get the pearlescent paint


(If you don’t know what this is about, go see my mods first to see some sample)

Not all modders share information, maybe 5% of them have the patience to … But it is by sharing knowledge that good things and new ideas come out. So i ‘m asking to all of you, modders, to share
things, knowledge with only ONE goal : CREAT AMAZING MODS.

And get a full optimised fallout 4, for me, for everyone.

I’m sure that some of you are gonna make some amazing things soon !

Ok guys, sit down, grab a cofee, a cigs, your cats, or whatever, let’s go !

Step 1: Where the light effect come from?

That’s effect come from the environemental textures map. (the light reflect around you)

You can find that file inside textures/shared/cubemaps folder, first you need tu use bethesda archive extractor and find the original one. (called :

Step 2 :

Open that ” ” file with photoshop. You can change the light color reflect by playing and changing the highlight

( The white light can be transform into a blue or whatever, you can have more than one color in this
area by the way ! A good way to make a pearlescent paint ! )

STEP 3 :

After you have set your new colored light, you have to save it in the good format

( ARGB 32 bpp | unsigned ), and also change the 2d textures preset into ” cube map “.

Important thing : Change the name of the file. You can save it into for example :

textures/shared/cubemaps/ (xxx is the name you have chosen)

STEP 4 :

Let’s take for example the 44 Magnum. You have to open each material files of that pistol, if you see on material editor a file with something in the environemental maps textures,
change it to your new cubemaps textures.

STEP 5 :

Make sure that you have already edited you main .dds textures files (d and s), i won’t make a tutorial about this,
i supose that you already know that.

STEP 6 :

(I still take the 44 pistol as example)

Now you should have in your mod :

– 2 texture files (all the texture file of your 44 magnum, so the path is textures/weapons/44) AND
a shared file (the right path is textures/shared/cubemaps/xxx).

Note this : You can make a different path if you want to, but make sure that all path folow it in material editor for the environemental textures maps.

– 1 materials file (with all your 44 magnum files edited) (materials/weapon/44)

STEP 7 :

Launch your game, all is set up. Look the result, and play with your cubemaps file or in material editor (to change the power of the light for example)

Hopefully i don’t forget anything, if it doesn’t work post a comment and i’ll fix that tutorial.

By the way i’m available if you want to work on a common project. I’m looking for modders to creat new weapons with that chrome technique, in order to put it on the same page, and doing a amazing mod that put together all the work. I’m thinking of making all that weapon on the same mod, color craftable. I have already some modders who agree with that idea.

So rules are simple : Contact me, all authors creations with that technique will be of course credited for there work. Modders will have access to the page mod. All modders will participate to the BETA, and vote about the best version to put on the mod page. Contact me if you want to know more about it.

All the credits of that new ressources goes to :

Echoes 56560 (original idea an creation)
and Whiteshade (knownledge of editing program)

My other mods :

– New weapons Chrome effect
– Combat armor – new chrome effect
– Synth Armor – New chrome effect

– Kellogg’s Armor HD retexture and many color choices
– Kellogg’s Armor MEGA PACK (stat upgrade, and HD texture pack inclued)
– Chrome Combat Armor : Many color and textures choices
– Flight Helmets retextures and many color choices

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