More Resistant Power Armor – A Power Armor Overhaul

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More Resistant Power Armor – A Power Armor Overhaul

More Resistant Power Armor

This is a small effective overhaul of the Power Armor.

~ Each power armor part covers a specific bodypart and will fully absorb the damage that the bodypart receives from the sources ballistic and laser weapon types.
– While no armor part is broken you literally take no damage.
– When a power armor part breaks this bodypart will become vulnerable and only this bodypart, all other bodyparts that are still covered, will take no damage. For example, when your left arm of your power armor breaks, only your left arm can take damage. If you get shot at the torso, you will still take no damage. etc.

~ Explosives will also be absorbed while you are fully covered by your power armor. When one bodypart breaks, you become vulnerable to explosives.

~ Melee Damage. You will absorb the damage of 1h and 2h attacks by Raiders and Super Mutants. Creatures like Deathclaw will still piece through your armor, but you will take less damage, while your power is fully functional.

Drop into your Data folder and activate the esp.

No special steps are needed, just overwrite.

No special steps are needed, just delete.

My other mods/

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Credits: Zzyxzz
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