Move Store and Assign Settlers to Power Armor

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Move Store and Assign Settlers to Power Armor

UPDATE 1.1: Minor update that disables sleep packages for Settlers who are currently in Power Armor. This should stop Settlers from getting out of their Power Armor every night when it’s bedtime.


I love Power Armor in Fallout 4. Really, it’s one of the most well done parts of the game. Even if it may be a bit overpowered at times, the way the armor works is nearly flawless. Unfortunately, you’re somewhat limited in what you can do with said Power Armor. Use it or have your Companions use it, sure, but if you’re like me you probably have 20+ spare Power Armor Frames just standing around your settlements, unused. Why can’t your Settlers hop in it and put it to use? More than likely those frames are placed awkwardly, too, since the only way to move them is to get in them, move them, then get out. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to fix all of this?


Turns out there is a way to fix this. This mod makes Power Armor an item which can be interacted with while in Workshop mode. Specifically, you can move it, scrap/store it (both options are effectively the same thing), and even direct one of your Settlers to get in it. No more unused frames cluttering up your settlements. Move them around, put them to use, or just store them away for later re-deployment.

There’s also one last feature worth mentioning: as an added bonus of being able to store them, this mod also allows you to convert all Power Armor Frames you have into empty/”clean” frames which are immune to the Cell Reset Bug.


Now chances are the above statement is enough to pique your interest. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty though, here’s the deal:

Power Armor Frames are sorted into two varieties: the empty/”clean” variant, which can be stored normally and re-deployed via the Workshop menu, and all other types, which can only be picked up using the “Scrap” option. (“Clean” Power Armor Frames cannot be scrapped, and can only be moved or stored) Scrapping an “unclean” Power Armor Frame will give you a dummy item which can be used to create a new “clean” Power Armor Frame via the Workshop menu (under the Special category). In essence, this allows you to convert all other Power Armor Frames into “clean” ones, which are immune to the Cell Reset Bug.

Settlers can be told to enter Power Armor by using the Assign option in the Workshop menu. Simply select the Settler, target the Power Armor, and press the “Assign” button. The Settler should run up to the Power Armor and enter it just like a companion would. If you want them to get out of the Power Armor, simply talk to them and they will immediately exit the armor.


First, If you scrap Power Armor with armor pieces still on it you will lose those armor pieces FOREVER. You can still STORE Power Armor Frames and the armor pieces will be stored automatically, but scrapping destroys them (yet another reason to convert to “clean” frames). There’s no way to fix this yet, so keep that in mind. Take everything off Power Armor Frames BEFORE you scrap them. You have been warned.

Second, Settlers who have been placed in Power Armor will no longer perform any task/job animations or stay to their assigned locations, and will instead wander the settlement as if they were unassigned. This has no ACTUAL effect on their assignments, e.g. if they are assigned to crops they will still be counted as working on them, if they are assigned to a Guard Post the game will still count them as being there, etc. It’s only really a problem if you need to keep them in one specific spot, or if you’re a stickler for visuals.

Third, Settlers assigned to Power Armor will remove the Power Armor helmet if they are already wearing a piece of headgear, even if it’s just a hat. The helmet will be stored in their inventory, and yes they will take it with them if you ask them to step out of the Power Armor. Since talking to them will just get them to step out of their Power Armor, make sure you unequip them of any headgear before assigning them to a suit of Power Armor.

Finally, you can safely uninstall this mod if you tire of it without screwing up any of your Power Armor Frames or losing items forever, so long as all of your Power Armor Frames are deployed. The empty/”clean” frame which you can create in the Workshop is found in the base game, and thus will stay around even if the mod is gone.


This mod alters the records for all Power Armor Frames in the game. Any mod which touches those records may cause issues with this mod.

Both Buildable Power Armor Frames by Lapdragon and Movable Power Armor by Kentington do individual pieces of what this mod does, and thus are not compatible with this it. If you use this, don’t use those. If you don’t use this, consider using one of those.

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