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My Little Quirks (version 0.0.1)

Highly experimental! Adds a chance to crit outside of V.A.T.S. depending on your Luck, and implements a rudimentary (and still somewhat unstable) version of weapon durability to the game.

// /// /// /// HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! /// /// /// ///

So you miss the good old New Vegas days, when you managed to score a crit without using V.A.T.S and your weapons weren’t made of adamantium and required some love? Well, I can’t say that I miss the latter the way it was implemented, but hey: being a modder means you can make it better!

-= About this mod =-
My Little Quirks is just a little fun mod I made out of curiosity, a mere proof-of-concept to see how the ideas I envisioned would work out in a game. Turned out that it actually was so much fun I decided to upload it just for kicks and giggles and to show others that weapon durability can actually be a a boon to the gameplay if implemented properly. Also: who doesn’t like crits? ^^

-= C-C-Critical … Err-ror … =-
This part is just a copy&paste of my other mod, Lucky Critter. Each point in Luck willgive you a 2 % chance of cscoring a critical hit outside of V.A.T.S., just like Overdrive. Best thing: the effect actually STACKS with Overdrive, providing a chance of up to 45 % with 10 Luck while under the effect of Overdrive.
The random crits work great with automatic weapons featuring a high rate of fire, as they occasionally boost the weapons DPS. Now even your automatic pipe pistol can last a little longer in your gameplay, especiallyif it’s one with a legendary effect that procs whenever you score a crit (freezing, for example).

-= If it broke, just fix it =-
The main feature of this mod is the weapon durability. I created a rudimentary implementation which causes any bladed weapon or firearm you equip to be “upgraded” with a condition stat. Everytime you fire the weapon, there’s a certain chance that the weapon’s condition will decrease by 5 %.

So, what happens if the condition reaches zero, you might wonder?
– The weapon explodes in a nuclear fireball, killing the player and the entire Commonwealth!
….. Naaaaah, just kidding! ^^
Once the weapon’s condition reaches zero, you can STILL use the weapon normally … but (and it’s a big BUTT) the weapon is considered “worn out”, which has some severe side-effects:
– All worn-out weapons deal far less damage. This effect already occurs if your weapon’s condition drops to 5 percent!
– All firearms suffer from a massive drop in accuracy. This effect already occurs when the weapon’s condition drops to 10 percent!
– All firearms with a condition of 0 percent will jam frequently! You need to reload the weapon in order to clear the jamming (usually happens automatically), which costs time and potentially your life if it happens at the wrong time.

Of course you can fix this issue, and it doesn’t even require you to sacrifice another weapon and buther it for spareparts. All you need is to use a refurbishing kit, a consumable which restores the weapon condition of the weapon you currently have equipped back to 100 percent again. There are several kits in the game, each one for a different type of weapon (for example, a grinding stone for bladed weapons, a barrel cleaning kit for slugthrowers, coolant for laser weapons …), and all of them can be created at a chemistry station provided you have the corresponding low-level perk for it (Science 01, Gun Nut 01 etc)

-= Story time! =-
Soooo, you might wonder how this weapon durability stuff might play out, eh? Well, let me tell you a little story. It happened to me during a testrun when I was tinkering with the degradation chances, and at the end I was sitting on the edge of my chair.

“The setting: I was on the Minutemen mission to clear the robot racetrack of Easy City Downs. You know the drill: go in, wipe out Ernie and his goons, pick up the mag, loot the chest etc. Nothing too special, really. Since I just had started working on this mod I wanted to give the new effects a try, so I went in with just a makeshift SMG at 20 % durability, a silenced 6-Shot with 45 % durability, a few melee weapons which I wouldn’t use due to low STR values, everyone’s best friend and good ol’ Nickie.
So anyway, I started blasting!
One Triggerman down.
Two down.
Raider bites the dust.
And then, all of a sudden, my SMG’s condition turns to zero. Alright, time to see what this baby can do …
Short answer: not much. Long answer: all of a sudden, I had to fight the rest of the bunch with a weapon which usually just wipes the floor with raiders that now had the damage output of a basic automatic pipe rifle, an accuracy with which I couldn’t hit the side of a barn (even if I was standing inside), and every 5-6 shots I had to go through a reload because the damn thing had jammed again! Nick went down, dogmeat went down, and I had to run around picking them up just to serve as a distraction to buy me some time clearing the malfunctions.”Okay, that’s enough. Works as intended, time to clean up this me-” I thought, only to realize that I forgot to bring a few barrel cleaning kits! Boy, oh boy, did I start sweating at that moment! xD
So I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, with two weapons now at 0 percent durability, getting flak left right and center, and two companions whimpering for a stimpak as they just had been put down again. Eventually, I managed to kill the rest of the bunch burning through most of my ammo stock, popped a second stimpak (first time in a while I had to use a stimpak during or after a fight, let alone two),picket up my buddies, and immediately started to lookfor anything with some oil and cloth in it to make a few kits. Can’t think I’ve EVER been THAT happy to find an oilcan and a few brushes, which I put to good use at the location’s chemistry station to make a few kits and use them immediately to refurbish my weapons.”

-= Known bugs and issues =-
– Whenever you equip a weapon for the first time, it will unequip automatically in order to add the durability effect. This is normal due to the engine’s limitations.
– When equipping a weapon that already has a durability, it might unequip again. This is a timing issue with the engine, the weapon will keep its durability setting through the process.
– When using a hotkey to equip a weapon with durability, it might not equip properly and leave you empty-handed (literally). Quickly pressing the same hotkey again might solve the problem, otherwise the weapon will permanently unequip from the hotkey slot and you need to re-apply the slot in your favorites again.

Credits: WarMocK
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