NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR_AE patch

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NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR_AE patch

User requested mod.

I got a request for a standalone AWKCR/AE crafting patch for Vasstek’s NanoArmor 2.0, so I made one (Vasstek’s assets used with permission). Before people get a hate on and I get pounded with comments that Gambit77 already has a compatibility patch (Prototypes Extended) that includes NanoArmor 2.0, let me first say I know, it’s a great patch, and I use it in my own game. However, in many cases and for various reasons, not everyone needs, wants, or is able to use all of the mods associated with Gambit’s multi-mod AE patches. Also, not everyone is able to work in FO4edit to edit Gambit’s patches or make patches of their own (I only just recently learned myself). For this reason, I present this standalone crafting patch, not in conflict with Gambit’s broader patch, but as an alternative.

This patch requires users to install and activate the following master files before installing this patch.
NanoArmor 2.0 StandAlone
Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resources
Armorsmith Extended (versions 1.71 & 2.75 at the time of posting).

This patch was built by deconstructing Gambit77’s Armorsmith Protypes Extended patch and with reference to the tutorials and forum posts that he has generously provided. I couldn’t have made this without the work done by Gambit77 and Valdacil on AE/AWKCR. If you want to give someone credit or thanks, if you haven’t already done so, visit their mods and profiles, endorse and award kudos.

This patch mirrors the structure and functionality of Prototypes Extended but is limited to the NanoArmor 2.0.

If you’ve got the available mod space, I highly recommend checking out Prototypes Extended and it’s parents mods and trying them out in your game. I use all of them and they’re all great.


All of my Nano variations, additions, and patches.
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NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended patch
Nanosuit 5.0 AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended patch
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SkyCrap Feckin Games
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