Nanosuit 1.2 (by vasstek) CBBE conversion

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Nanosuit 1.2 (by vasstek) CBBE conversion

CBBE Bodyslide conversion for vasstek’s Nanosuit

Caliente’s CBBE looks awesome, but vasstek’s Nanosuit does too!

So why not have both!



Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (CBBE)

BodySlide and Outfit Studio

vasstek’s Nanosuit



If you dont know what CBBE or BodySlide is, you wont need this mod.

The zip file contains bodyslide data for the Nanosuit 1.2

Copy the files to your bodyslide folder or let NMM do the work.

In BodySlide, select NanosuitCBBE under Outfit/Body, then your Preset and hit Build.




What is this mod?

This mod is a conversion from the vanilla body shape to the CBBE body shape.

The download of this mod does NOT include the original mod data (textures and such).

It only contains data you need for the BodySlide tool by Caliente to make it fit your custom body made with BodySlide.

What is CBBE?

CBBE, or Caliente’s Beautiful Body Enhancer, is a new high poly model for the base female body.

It replaces the vanilla body, that comes with the game, with the new CBBE body.

What is BodySlide?

BodySlide is a tool, also by Caliente, which makes it possible to modify the base body to your liking. A rich set of easy

to use sliders will morph the body to a prefered shape. These modifications can then be saved as a custom preset and applied

to any armor that you have BodySlide data for.


If you don’t know how BodySlide works, please refer to the BodySlide page. You should look for tutorials first.

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What is this mod use for

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