New Commonwealth

New Commonwealth


Please READ EVERYTHING, before installing and playing on this save file. It’s a combination of MANY MANY mods. I’m currently having 0 crashes with my load order. However Bugs will occur; including settlers standing in weird places or meshes not showing properly when standing far. The only really annoying bug is when you’re trying to take a picture of the whole base. That’s when the meshes go haywire :p



This is my biggest base build so far. I’ve tried to implement many things to make it feel like a real live base. I hope you will appreciate it.
Any feedback is welcome!!! I can only get better through feedback. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGe thanks to all the modders making it possible to create this base.



What if the Institute took on a more aggressive approach? They want to exterminate any and all rebellion above ground. In order to achieve this they took up a tactical position on Spectacle Island. This allows them to keep an eye on both the castle and on the Boston Airport. From this new base they will make sure only technology will survive!!!!


Manually download the save file and drop it in your save file folder. You might need a winzip or something.
File found under mydocuments –> ectetc –> fallout 4 –> where the map “saves” is.

1. If you want to use alternate settlements, it will interact with OCDecorate. I’m currently having Alternate Settlements disabled. As they both use up menu space. There might be a patch later on to fix this! Also, some mods that change the player’s appearance also require a bit of fiddling. Read up on the perspective mods pages!!!

Longer power lines

Fantastic food planters

Snap ‘n Build Greenhouse


Homemaker expanded

Settlement Supplies Expanded

Convenient stores

A touch of green

Brighter Settlement Lights

Simple Intersection

Scrap Dead things

No Perk level requirements

Turret Ball


(it will change your charisma to 99, but you can change this again afterwards. Read up on this on the perspective settler mods)

Better Settlers

Increased Settler Population



Kerrigan Bodysuit

Dirty body for player CBBE expansion

Unique player


PS: I wil add a picture of my load order. (there are more mods on that, then needed for this base though)

MEGA MEGA thank you to all the modders.

Special thank you to people who gave feedback about my other bases. This really helps me.

Thank you to Skippy0330 for inspiring me to make this base.

Any feedback is welcome!!!!



Credits: Illumate AKA batman
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