Nostalgic Headlamps

Nostalgic Headlamps

Nostalgic Headlamps

I wasn’t all that fond of the uniform, overly bright and abrupt headlamps the power armor suits have, so I popped open Filter Forge and made myself 5 different kinds of flashlight beams, then mashed them up to get something that reminded me of the flashlight I used to have as a kid.

There are two different files. Both are the same texture. Only use one. If you are in doubt as to which to use, try the small file size first. If you can see any pixelation in it, then overwrite it with the large file size version.

nostalgic headlamp large file size has a 512 saved as an uncompressed RGB8x24 so as not to lose any details. It’s 1 meg.
nostalgic headlamp small file size has a 256 saved as an uncompressed RGB8x24 so as not to lose any details. It’s 256 Kb.

I chose to go the uncompressed route due to the compression artifacts making an awful set of alternating red and green rings around the outside edge, so everything in the outside edges of the light looked like they had some kind of Freddy Kruger rainbow on them. Yes, compression artifacts on a black and white image cause colors to appear.
Saving them uncompressed of course, does not cause this.

This is a single texture file. It is set up in the proper hierarchy within the zip. Just drag the textures folder into your Fallout4 data folder and allow the folders to merge.
The full path is Fallout4\data\textures\effects\gobos


Darker Nights
Without Darker Nights, the night is so bright, you don’t need lamps.

Longer Headlamp Light Distance
This, when used in conjunction with Darker Nights and Nostalgic Headlamps, really makes the lighting feel realistic.

Mr Dave
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What is this mod use for

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