OCD – Overhauled Critical Damage

OCD – Overhauled Critical Damage

Overhauled Critical Damage

Are you tired of having to use VATS in order to make a critical hit? Does filling the crit meter irk you? Would you like things to go back to to how they were in New Vegas?

If you answered YES to any of those question then this is the mod for you. Introducing Overhauled Critical Damage (because my ocd wouldn’t allow for any other acronym). Getting straight to brass tacks:
– Bobbleheads no longer increase the Critical Hit Damage by 25%. They now increase the appropriate base weapon damage by 15%, introduce a critical hit chance outside of VATS of 15% and maintain a reduced critical hit damage bonus of 15%.
– Magazines won’t just increase critical hit damage by 5% per level. In addition they now gain a critical hit chance of 1% per level, and an appropriate base weapon damage increase of 1% per level.

But how does this dark magic allow for critical hits outside of VATS? you might ask. Well have you ever wondered how the drug Overdrive works? Normally you, the player, have a 0% critical hit chance, in VATS when using a critical hit this chance is increased to 100%, Overdrive introduces a flat 25% critical chance for the player while under the effects of the drug. This mod does something very similar, however the bonuses are applied based on the weapons being held so that a projectile based weapon won’t gain a bonus from the Energy Weapons Bobblehead or Tesla Magazine.

List of Changes:
– The following Bobbleheads have had their Critical Damage boost reduced to 15%, gained a Base Damage boost of 15% and a Critical Hit Chance of 15%.
– Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons, Small Guns, Unarmed.

– The Explosives Bobblehead has had its Base Damage boost reduced to 10%, gained a Critical Damage boost of 15% and a Critical Hit Chance of 15%.

– The following Energy Weapons and Small Guns Bobbleheads have had a condition added so that they will not apply to Heavy Weapons.

– The Sneak Bobblehead has had is effect doubled from 10% to 20%.

– The following Bobbleheads have had their perks revealed to the perk menu and gained menu animations and sounds.
– Barter, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Explosives, Lockpicking, Medicine, Melee, Repair, Science, Small Guns, Sneak, Speech, Unarmed.

– The following Magazines have gained a Critical Hit Chance of 1% and a Base Damage increase of 1% per level.
– Barbarian, Guns and Bullets, Tesla Science.

– The Tesla Science Magazines has had its conditions altered to properly apply to energy weapons.

– All previously mentioned altered items have had their pick up messages change to reflect their own changes.

– 1.0 : Original Upload
– 1.0b : Original Upload containing changes to the BOBBBLEHEADS ONLY
– 1.0m : Original Upload containing changes to the MAGAZINES ONLY

Future Updates:
– Make Critical Hit Chance scale with luck, up to 10.
– Make Critical Hit Damage scale with perception, up to 10.

I believe in credit where credit is due. Most of these changes where based on my BOB – Better Offensive Bobbleheads mod however the following credits do need to be made.
– Moraelin, Author of Old Style Criticals, their description of their mod alone gave me enough clues as to where to look to implement critical hits outside of VATS
– svaalbard (insane0hflex) from youtube on his FO4Edit Tutorial. – Made using FO4Edit, uploaded by ElministerAU.
– Utilized BAE, uploaded by jonwd7.
– This mod uses content from the game files of Fallout 4, belonging to Bethesda.

As this mod uses FO4Edit and overwrites the content when applied the following form ID’s have been changed and may cause clashes with another mod that also alters the same forms.
– The following Message forms: 001E2D95-7,A,D,E; 001E2DA0; 001E07A1; 001E3CE8; 001E3CFD.
– The following Perk forms: 0006167C-E; 00061680-8; 0008E3A6; 00092A82; 00092A6E

Preferred method of installation is through NMM, if you don’t use NMM it is assumed that you know the correct procedure to install the mod. For updates simply delete the old mod, install the new one. On game save continue a popup will show that content is no longer available, this will not have an impact on game saves that have used old versions and are updating.

Credits: Pr1meSh0ck
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