Old-School Fallout Green Ghouls

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Old-School Fallout Green Ghouls

This mod is an attempt to revive a little of the spirit of Fallout 1 & 2 by restoring the green/brown/pink color scheme to the game’s NPC and feral ghouls. I find that giving them a slightly more alienating appearance lends weight to the in-game prejudice against them. Plus, the ferals just look even grosser.

It replaces over a hundred textures. The colors are roughly equivalent to that of the in-game supermutants so they blend seamlessly. There are 65 facial variants for NPCs, 32 for ferals, and five eye replacers in lore-friendly green, red, and yellow. When combined with the four default skin tones this means you will likely never see two identical-looking ghouls in a single playthrough.

Each face has a pattern and different dominant color – most green, but many brown or pink or the occasional fish-belly white like Lenny (above right). All textures are vanilla size and fully optimized – no fps hit.

NMM compatible. Install manually by dropping into the data folder.

There’s also separate optional downloads for feral or NPCs is you don’t want both. If you want to use one of the other ghoul eye mods, either install it after this one or don’t let this one override it in NMM.

This is a complete remake of my earlier mod (hence the 2.0) and any old files should be uninstalled or overwritten.

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