One Hit Wonder – Ridiculously Overpowered Laser Gun

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One Hit Wonder – Ridiculously Overpowered Laser Gun

One Hit Wonder

Tired of enemies that feel like bullet sponges? Ever get overwhelmed in a battle and think to yourself, F#@k it? Then this might be for you. This silly mod adds a standalone laser gun to the game that starts with the vanilla Laser Gun (Form ID 00009983B) and modifies the following:

– Base damage increased from 24 to 468. (The damage of a Fat Man without the risk of blowing yourself up).
– Less recoil
– Half the attack delay (.1 vs .2)
– Quadruple the magazine size (120 vs. 30)
– One-fifth the action point cost (5 vs. 25)
– Twice the value (120 vs. 60)

Mod in action:


Q: How to install?
Like a regular mod. OneHitWonder.esp goes in your data folder. Or use NMM Download With Manager.

Q: How do I obtain the gun in-game?

Step 1: Open the console by pressing the ~ key. Type: help “One Hit Wonder” 4, then hit enter (don’t forget the spaces between “one” and “hit” and “wonder” . The 8-digit Form ID will appear. It will be xx000800 where “xx”is the slot in your load order.

Step 2: Type into the console “player.additem zzzzzzzz 1” without the quotes and where “zzzzzzzz” is replaced by whatever Form ID the
console gives you.

See the images for an example.

Q: Does this replace the regular/vanilla Laser Gun?
No, it is standalone. A new item is created in game.

Q: What ammo does the gun take?
Fusion cells

Q: Does this mod change textures?
No. Looks the same as a regular Laser Gun.

Q: Can the gun still be modded at the weapons workbench like a regular Laser Gun/Pistol?
Yes, mods work the same as on a regular Laser Gun. Depending on your character’s level and perks it is possible to mod the gun up to damage over 2,000.

Q: This mod isn’t immersive.
Nor is it meant to be. My 7-year old requested this mod so we made it together. Use or don’t use as you see fit.

Q: I want the gun to be less or more overpowered.
Load the OneHitWonder.esp into FO4Edit. Scroll to the very bottom in the DAMA –Critical Data section. Change the damage from 468 to whatever you want.

But wait, there’s more…

Download now and we’ll throw in an additional 10 guns. Each gun has base damage of 468, quadruple the magazine size, one-fifth the action-point cost, half the attack delay, twice the value, and less recoil compared to the vanilla version. The guns and how to obtain them via console command are:

– One Hit 10mm, console command: help “One Hit 10mm” 4
– One Hit .44, console command: help “One Hit .44” 4 (this one kinda’ sucks IMHO, but included it anyway)
– One Hit Alien Blaster, console command: help “One Hit Alien Blaster” 4 (this one rocks!)
– One Hit Assault Rifle, console command: help “One Hit Assault Rifle” 4
– One Hit Combat Rifle, console command: help “One Hit Combat Rifle” 4
– One Hit Combat Shotgun, console command: help “One Hit Combat Shotgun” 4
– One Hit Deliverer, console command: help “One Hit Deliverer” 4
– One Hit Gamma Gun, console command: help “One Hit Gamma Gun” 4
– One Hit Institute Gun, console command: help “One Hit Institute Gun” 4
– One Hit Laser Gun, console command: help “One Hit Laser Gun” 4 (this gun has the exact same stats as the original One Hit Wonder)
– One Hit Plasma Gun, console command: help “One Hit Plasma Gun” 4

Then enter player.additem zzzzzzzz 1 in the console, where “zzzzzzzz” is replaced by the 8-digit code the console spits back.

There are two main files. They are compatible with each other but you don’t need both. Download “One Hit Wonder” if you want just the laser gun. Download “One Hit Various Guns” if you want the laser gun + an additional 10 guns. If you install both .esp’s, you will effectively have two laser guns with the same stats, one gun called “One Hit Wonder” and the other called “One Hit Laser Gun”.

All these guns are standalone and won’t affect the vanilla versions of the guns already in the game.

Mod made with FO4Edit
Thanks to SephDragoon for figuring out how to adjust recoil in FO4Edit

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One Hit Wonder – Ridiculously Overpowered Laser Gun

Credits: Thuggysmurf
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