Powerful Weapons and Armor

I was tired of all those sponges that take forever to kill so I decided to cheat.

This is also the first mod on the Nexus for FO4 to change weapon damage and give enchantments to armor.

A container with extremely powerful weapons (14) and enchanted leather armor for you to find in Diamond City – The Pens (The entrance where you find the mayor first time).

The armor doesn’t occupy the default slot so you can use in with other gear.

Weapons are enchanted with:

Some have magical amno so you won’t need to use any

Cryo Freeze
Damage Type Gamma
Damage Fire Always
OnHitEffect Cripple

The SubmachineGunxt can use a great variety of amno without mods

Be careful with your companions because they can get seriously injured if you fire at them with these weapons.

The armor is enchanted with:

Fortify Radiation Resist 100
Fortify Energy Resist 100
Fortify Gun Crafting 100
Fortify Mechanical Crafting 100
Fortify Sneak 100 (it’s actually a perk that the armor gives)
Fortify Carry Weight 9999
Fortify Actor Speed Mult 10


How to install Fallout 4 plugins


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsibility for anything that may come to happen from using this file.

Use this file as you wish in any mod with some credit, just drop me a pm about it.

I also want to thank everyone for the awesome support!

Feel free to add images .If you like the mod please endorse or vote it so other people can find it that will encourage me to make more.

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