Perks-Required Level Tweaks

Perks-Required Level Tweaks

Do you want to play with the best perks long before level 50? Did you finish the game before you even finished building your character the way that you wanted? Do you feel like all your characters are the same because options don’t open up fast enough? One of these mods is for you!

Reduce the level requirements for Perks by a little, a lot or just enough.
Options include :
0% level *
25% level
50% level
75% level

Additional options for a flat reduction of 5, 10, 15 or 20 levels. This is not as drastic as the percent based changes but it does allow you to enjoy more time with your end game builds. I estimate that power of the 75% mod is somewhere in between the -15 and -20 mods.

Just FYI : These mods do not work dynamically so you only pick one. You cannot use the 50% mod and then the -5 mod together. (You might expect 0.5x – 5) The last mod loaded will always override the previous mods.

For roleplayers, there is a Cannibal-Ghoul mod eliminating those specific level requirements. You can use this with one of the others, as long as the Cannibal-Ghoul mod is loaded after the other one. If someone can tell me how to activate a Perk in FO4Edit, please PM me. I’d like to change this mod to have Cannibal or Ghoul enabled just by loading it.

After experimenting with an optional file, I found that it was not possible to lower the Endurance value of Cannibal or Ghoulish without breaking the game. If you download that experiment, please delete it.

* Nerd note : To avoid any future conflicts, I use a minimum value for all these mods. All first Perk ranks are unmodified. (Technically, you must gain level 2 to put the first point into any perk) All second Perk ranks have a minimum of level 3. (Because you have to gain level 3 to have a second point to put into that same perk) All third Perk ranks are minimum level 4, etc. The desired effect is achieved without creating potential problems with the code. Why? Because I predict that there could be game code conflicts if a level requirement is set to 1 or 0 but the game expects a non-zero or unique value.

Special Thanks goes to quantumbutterfly for all the help.

Made with FO4Edit on 11/28/15

If you need instructions, watch Gopher’s videos here.

Mods that I play with and suggest for you :
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Fallout 4 – Texture Optimization Project by torcher
Simple Bug Fixes by MookittyBonnie
Mo Betta Scrap by Citre
Pre War Safes by Amstrad

Credits: IONDragonX
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