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Personal Pack Brahmin

Adds pack animals that follow you, can be upgraded, and listen to several commands.
Currently, brahmins are the only supported animals. I’m planning to add others over time.


Up to 4 pack animals can be managed at a time.
Each pack animal has a map marker that can be toggled on and off (Misc quest).
Pack animals can be sent to settlements to drop off loot at the workbench and come back.
Animals ordered to follow you will attempt to form a line/train behind you.
NPC interactions and dead body cleanup are handled by a script.
Holotape-based configuration menu.


Two new brahmin color variations.
Color, Horn, and Stat variations are randomly picked for each created brahmin.
Pack upgrade options with different appearances and stats.
Upgrades are free for now. I haven’t decided on crafting/purchasing options yet.
Working pack lamps that can be turned on/off.
Cheat Upgrades – +10000 Carry Weight and +100% Speed


Spawning pack brahmins:
– Build a Pack Brahmin Manager at a settlement. It looks like a Brahmin Trough (and works as one besides this mod’s functions) and should be visible in the workshop menu under Resources->Misc.
– Once it’s built, activate it (Press E).
– A menu should come up that allows you to spawn pack brahmin and a configuration holotape (in case you lose the automatically added one).

Once a pack brahmin is spawned, you can interact with it by looking at it and pressing E.
– see Docs/Readme – 2. Pack Brahmin Menu.txt for more information on the menu that comes up

Use the Holotape object named [Pack Brahmin Config] from your inventory (load it in a Terminal) to access the mod’s configuration menu.
– The Options section contains all configuratble settings for this mod.
– You can issue group commands to your pack animals through the commands section of the menu.
– The Uninstall/Reset menu allows you to uninstall the mod somewhat cleanly or reset it if you run into any issues.
Available options:
– Pack animals’ mortality status – mortal/protected/essential. (mortal by default)
– Pack animals’ aggression in combat – cowardly/defensive/aggressive. (cowardly by default)
– Pack animals allowed indoors – on/off. (off by default)
– Time-based lamp activation – on/off. (on by default)
– Dead Body delete and max wait times (0-30 days each)
– Track dead Pack Animals – on/off. (off by default)

– Use NMM or extract the Textures, Materials, and Scripts folders and PersonalPackBrahmin.esp to your Fallout 4\Data\ directory.
– Activate the plugin using your preferred method.

Updating from previous versions:
– Before installing a new release, make sure you follow the uninstall procedure to make sure the manager quest and its scripts are reset properly.
– A clean save is highly recommended to ensure that the manager quest and variables are reset properly.

– Use the holotape menu to uninstall the mod.
– Remove any Pack Brahmin Managers you’ve built in settlements.
– Save, Exit
– Deactivate the plugin and remove the files.


– After scrapping a Pack Brahmin Manager in a settlement, you’ll need to exit the workshop menu and re-open it to build a new one.

– This mod (like all other mods for this game) is not made and/or supported by Bethesda and ZeniMax. Any support requests should go here, not their official forums or support e-mail.
– This mod includes modified versions of materials and textures created by Bethesda for the game.

– Since the tools used to create this are unofficial and we have no official tools as a reference yet, this should be considered pre-release or a feature test.
– (In other words: Back Up Your Unmodded Save Files if you care about them.)

Many thanks to Bethesda for a great game, and to the creators of FO4Edit, Caprica, Champollion, NifSkope and MaterialEditor for the tools used to create this mod.

My other mods:

AmmoTweaks – Crafting and More
Scrap Grinder

Credits: isathar
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