Pipe Weapons Overhaul

Pipe Weapons Overhaul

I’ve always been pissed as to why the Pipe weapons are replaced so fast. So i made this, by adding so much more possible attachments — A LOT MORE, and higher level attachments, it should allow the Pipe weapons to remain useful due to their sheer modability, and thus versatility in the game. If you find the .38 Round already too weak, try the .44 Round instead, or even the 5.56mm Round and make an assault rifle.

Installing this mod will break most existing pipe weapons, as it will unequip the old Receievers as they are allocated to the “Internal Modifications” now, thus removing all attachments, unless it’s the Ammo Conversion receivers. There is no way fixing this, other than manually attaching attachments to the weapons themselves. This means that Pipe-Weapon users like Nick Valentine with his default Pipe-Revolver would be broken and i could not fix that yet. It will not break the future Pipe weapons, such as those in the newly spawned NPCs.

I can’t do anything about that yet, so please just go to your Crafting Benches, and fix the weapons manually. You may be thinking that, “why upload a mod that will break stuffs?”, look it’s unavoidable with the features provided. Not separating the Receiver Caliber from the Receiver Mods is incredibly messy, and offers less versatility.

There are 16 Internal Modifications on the Pipe Pistol/Rifle/SMG alone, multiply that by 5, with the Standard Rechamberings, that is 80 mods in a single column. Wouldn’t it be simpler to pick 1 out of 5 from one directory, and 16 from another?

Main Changes:

1.) Receiver Rechambering and Internal Modifications: The old Receiver mods saved from the rechambering Recievers are now reallocated to a separate category called “Internal Modifications.” Whilst there are 5 different re-chamber options for the three weapons, needless to say the “Receivers” category is now focused on changing the weapon’s use of ammunition. Thus it is possible to have both .45 Round, and Armor-Piercing Automatic function for a Pipe-Gun. Or if you want an assault-rifle or LMG build, slap in a 5.56mm and a high-capacity magazine, and then go crazy.

– The Pipe Gun has .38, 10mm, .45, .44, and 5.56mm Round chamberings.
– The Pipe Revolver is rechambered to .38, and has .38, .45, .44, Shotgun Shell, and .308 Round chamberings.
– The Pipe Bolt Action is rechambered to 5.56mm, and has 5.56mm, .44, .308, Shotgun Shell, and .50 Round chamberings.
– The 2nd and 3rd chamberings are unlocked at Gun Nut Rank 1, and is contrasted between damage vs. range.
– The 4rd and 5th chamberings are unlocked at Gun Nut Rank 2, and is contrasted between immense damage vs immense range + Armor Penetration.
– The 12-gauge receivers obviously shoots multiple projectiles in a wide area.
– The .50 Cal for the Bolt-Action has 50% Armor Penetration, the .308 of the Revolver has 35% Armor Penetration, and the Pipe Gun’s 5.56mm has 25% Armor Penetration

2.) Added High-Level modifications, Advanced for all of the three weapons at Gun Nut Rank 2, while these below are unlocked at Gun Nut Rank 3. The point of which is to extend the life of the weapon further, not just relying on the chamberings offered, but the functionality they provide.

– Advanced Calibrated “Internal Modifications” for the Bolt-Action and Revolver.
– Advanced Calibrated, Advanced Auto, Powerful Armor Piercing Automatic, and Rapid Powerful Auto “Internal Modification” for the Pipe-Gun.
– Large Suppressor, Further suppresses the sound and recoil of the weapon, and further lowers the range.
– Bayonet and Muzzle Brake/Compensator Combinations.
– Long-Barrels to “Carbine Barrels”, and new Long Barrels with more range. That’s +4 barrels.
– Added Large Drum Magazine for the Pipe-Gun, sporting 96 capacity, but also even lesser handling qualities.

3.) Small tweaks:

– Doubled the bayonet’s Secondary Damage bonus, and lessened the range penalty.
– Pipe Gun’s Automatic Fire at 90 from 127, and the Rapid version to 127.
– Pipe weapons’ Scope, Grip/Stock, Barrel and Muzzle now shares the same Misc Items, thus transferable between the three weapon types.
– Automatic Receivers provides -20% Recoil, while Rapid Automatic Receivers provide -15% Recoil.
– Compensators only provides -10% Recoil, Muzzle Brakes provides -15% Recoil, Suppressor provides -20% Recoil, and Large Suppressor provides -25% Recoil.
– Large Suppressor (-25%) + Long Ported Barrel (-25%) + Automatic Receiver (-20%) + Recoil Compensating Stock (-30%) = -100% Recoil Reduction. Although your weapon can be recoilless, the Attack Animation will still be obstructive.


– Currently, there is no custom models yet. This is why it’s “Beta”.

– Due to the additive nature of the bonuses, it is currently impossible for the Internal Modifications to multiply the damage, and so the Internal Modifications give disproportionate damage bonus. As such if you have a pipe-gun with Advanced Receiver that gives +75% damage, and the 10mm Receiver that which adds 75% damage, it will result in 150% damage. All the same, if you have the same Advanced Receiver, but the .44 Round adding 225% damage, will result in 300% damage. Compare that with and without the Advanced Receiver, it results from the 10mm Reciver only giving 1/3rd of the bonus damage, now it only gives 1/2 of that of the .44 Round. The Internal Modifications is more useful on the weaker calibers because of this, and i don’t want that.

– This cuts both ways, making the wielder of the weapons a bit more powerful, as such if the enemy Raider has a fully modified Pipe weapon, it will be equally painful to deal with.

– Currently, the Pipe Gun has over 6 million possible combinations: 5 (Receiver) x 13 (Barrels) x 6 (Stocks/Grips) x 8 (Magazines) x 16 (Internal Modifications) x 12 (Sights/Scopes) x 11 (Muzzles) = 6,589,440 possible combinations. LOL

– This mod conflicts with any mod that modifies any Object Modification entities, as such it’s not compatible with the Better Mod Descriptions, as well as anything that adds new Receivers for any of the three pipe weapons. The “Large Suppressor” borrows model from the Combat Rifle/Shotgun Suppressor, and thus if you have a replacer that replaces the model of the Combat Rifle/Shotgun Suppressor, it will also modify the Large Suppressor’s attached model.

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– Pipe Reflex-Sights Fix
– Legendary Modification Rebalance
– Craftable Legendary Mods
– How to install mods
– How to install mods manually demo
– How to install mods using NMM demo

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