Playable Ghoul Real deal (Pre CK mod)

Playable Ghoul Real deal (Pre CK mod)

This mod allows you to play as a ghoul.
The process of making it work took a little time but i took notes on how
people did it with Playable synths and presets and such and here it is.
As of now there are not many screenshots aside from a couple from me but if you like, you can post some
if you like.
Now if you stumble upon any bugs worth noting down that i missed, please do let me
know in the comment section.

Currently i havent been able to fix the eye selection for ghoul eyes yet, but i bet someone
in the nexus has made such mod. SO for now, if there is such mod, please do look for one.
If the eyes does show up in the eye selection, well, good lol.
If not, you have to use the default one or the human eyes for now, or cusotm ones you
can download. Hair for males will arrive soon!

—-Install instructions—-
Its very important that you listen up, unless you want to end up crashing the
game. Now listen up, here is what is needed to be done. Once you extracted the
PlayableGhouls.esp file into the Data folder, use your favorite mod manager
and activate it.
All set and done? almost. There are a few more steps to be done but we
are going to do them as you play.

Now, start up the game, start a new game.
Now, when the character creation menu is up, you go and select
Preset 1 or 2 for Males, or Preset 1 and 3 for females. It will give the character the
facial structure of ghouls but you wonder, why you still have the
human skin? We be getting there, trust me.
Once you customized your character as you see fit, you go throguh the
tutorial mission and all that good stuff til you get to the elevator
in Vault 111. Dont enter it just yet.

Open up the Console and type in: Player.Setrace GhoulRace
this will set your character’s race to a ghoul with its textures and
such. (You may also use a premade save game from the nexus too)
Now, i noticed that many armors have UV mapping problems but thats due mostly to
the ghoul race itself and can be fixed with some txture modding. If you have
texture problems with clothing, look at teh Q&A section below.
Now you wonder, why not set the race already at the beginning? well it crashes the
game during the tutorial and all that. Dont know why but it does.
Now if you want some more Ghoulish traits with passive abilities, well you gotta
do that yourself. There are a handy amount of console commands that can help.
I could be making a bat file at one point if i get enoguh requests.

Q: So this is the real deal? Why not just open up the console and do yourself? Anyone can do that.
A: True that, but i havent seen anyone do this kind of thing where making Ghoul presets playable.
When selecting preset 1 or 2 for males and preset 1 or 3 for females, you get the acutal facial shapes of a ghoul.
The console command player.setrace ghoulrace just cements the whole process after you placed the
build blocks (the presets).

Q: There is some wierd bugs happening, like still having human skin and why does my male ghoul goes all wierd when hovering my curser on a face part?
A: This is normal during this process. You need to change to the ghoul race via console once you selected the preset.
In regards to the face cusotmization, its a bug i cant fix, but once you select a part, the face will be visible again.
Q: The textures of my ghoul is all wierd with armors and clothing. Isnt this CBBE compadible? Shame on you!
A: Shame on me idneed lol. But really, the ghoul race never was made to playable so many
of the armors and stuff doesnt work so good. But a kind modder named NickCageForever made
a texture mod to fix just that. Follow this link!

Q: No hair for males yes?
A: Havent been able to fix that yet, but in the next relase maybe.
Q: Why did you make this mod?
A: To put it simply, i went and searched high and low for a playable ghoul mod, but the only ones i found where mostly a texture
replacement for the player race. The other i found was a console command bat file but it lacked the preset for the facial
structures of a ghoul. This is why i made this mod to give players a little more authentic look of a ghoul, not just textures but
also shape.

Q: any plans on expanding this mod once the CK hits the market?
A: Why yes if the interest is still there. The mod i beleive has potential, but as of now its difficult to with the FO4Edit.
As of now this is the first release and it is bound to have problems, some i am not even aware of
Q: I still got problems with this mod.
A: If you do, please send them to the comment section and i be reading them and i try my best to explain and try to fix them.
0.1: First release.
0.2: Added 2 new presets and fixed one of them

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