Portable Sleeping Bag

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Portable Sleeping Bag

Portable Sleeping Bag

This mod gives the player a personal sleeping bag that they can drop down anywhere and sleep at.

To use the sleeping bag, drop the “Sleeping Bag” item in the Misc category of the Item tab. To pick the sleeping bag backup, go to sleep in it. To craft the sleeping bag, go to a Chemistry Station, it is found under Utility.
Fresh Installation:

Extract the files from the Portable Sleeping Bag main file archive to your Fallout 4 Data directory
Go to plugins.txt and add the PortableSleepingBag.esp to it. Unset the file’s
read-only status to do so, and reset it after you have added the file.
Run the Game

Update Procedure:

Extract the files from the Portable Sleeping Bag main file archive to your Fallout 4 directory.
Make sure that the scripts are overwritten.


Delete the PortableSleepingBag.esp
Delete the scripts, xylozi_PSB_FURN_script.psc, xylozi_PSB_MISc_script.psc.
Known Bugs/Issues/Limitations:

Only way to pick the sleeping bag back up is to sleep in it.
Sleeping in one sleeping bag will pick them all up (if you’ve set down multiple for some reason).

Tools Used:

Caprica Papyrus Compiler

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