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Psycho Patch

In Fallout 3 and Fallout New vegas – It was universally known you would use Psycho for 25% more damage and Med-X for 25% damage resistance. In vanilla Fallout 4 – Psycho did 25% damage increase AND +25 damage resistance while Med-X only did +25 damage resistance…Now if you ask me that makes Med-X kinda redundant and Psycho a bit of the “do all” kind of chem especially with being able to combine it with other chems.. I just didn’t like that and how Psycho did the EXACT same thing Med-X did but with a Damage increase on top of that. So, I removed all forms of damage resistance from psycho and any concoctions of psycho such as, Psychojet and Psychotats. Now it is like what it used to been – Psycho is used for Damage increase and Med-X is used for damage resistance instead of Psycho doing everything that Med-X did as well as Psycho having the option to do more with combining with other chems.

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What is this mod use for

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