Railroad Renegade Outfit

Railroad Renegade Outfit

Railroad Renegade Outfit

This mod adds a new outfit to the wasteland for male and female characters. It also adds a new mask, harness (bandolier) and pair of goggles. The outfit comes in four color variations and the harness in three color variations. Visit Tinker Tom at Railroad HQ to purchase. The items are not craftable. You can simply use console commands if you wish not to visit Tinker Tom. Alternatively, use the optional “Console Only” plug-in if you don’t want the addition of these items to Tinker Tom’s vendor list.

The stats of these items are based on the following: outfit is same as Road Leathers, harness is same as Cait’s Bandolier, mask is same as Surgical Mask and goggles are same as Patrolman Sunglasses.

All pieces can be upgraded just like any other vanilla item, following the framework set forth by Armorsmith Extended/Armor Keywords.

Bodyslide (if you use the optional files)

Use Nexus Mod Manager

Why are we seeing that bandolier again ? Its already been uploaded in a couple mods.
_I don’t mind the piece, but all the versions I’ve tried clipped with the outfit, so I made these versions NOT clip. And, I wanted different colors.

I don’t like CBBE. Are you planning on uploading a vanilla patch or maybe a version for EVB ?
_No, but anyone is free to do so. Just link this page on your upload.

This isn’t craftable and I really like crafting, so can you make a crafting patch for this stuff ?
_No, but you or anyone can do so. Again, just please link this page on your upload.

Why can’t I equip the top and bottom separate, you know like you used to do in Skyrim ?
_I really wanted to do that here. But I barely got these pieces functional. In time, I may go back and update this – but the current state of the toolsets limits what I can and cannot do.

Caliente, Ousnius and the rest of the CBBE team. Thank you so much for your awesome tools and efforts !
MushRush, the Athletic Girl edits are to die for ! Thanks so much for letting me use them here ! Still using v1_4, though πŸ˜›
Niero, dude saved me some time with the ‘pastor’ boots for the female version. I owe you.
Jet4571, you gotdam mesh guru. Didn’t use your mesh, but I did the same fix to another. Can’t thank you enough !
Ragicka, TumbaJamba and Astralify for bits of info on troubleshooting the new nif structures.
Gambit77 and Valdacil for AE and AKWCR. What an undertaking. I’m grateful for the framework you’ve laid forth.
i0Bjhansen0 for the “no AE/AKWCR patch”. You’re awesome, man !

Credits: brokefoot
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