Re-Growth Texture Overhaul

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Re-Growth Texture Overhaul


This is a re-texture that makes the commonwealth’s environment more similar to that of The Last of Us, this mod add’s leaves on tree’s, plenty of green vegetation, and vines taking over roads and sidewalks (possibly buildings in the future) Things re-textured are the landscape, roads, cars, tree’s, grass, and plants.


Highly Recommend “Cinematic Excellence ENB”:

More Grass:


–=Re-Growth Texture Overhaul=–

v1- Mossy roads, green flora, some textures over-saturated.

v2- Re-textures most architecture, add’s vines to cityscape, more green landscape textures.

v3- All architecture re-textured, some interiors and more outdoor pieces re-textured. Fixed high saturation on some flora, realistic crop textures.

–=Re-Growth Texture Overhaul [Flora Only Version]=–

v1- Has green flora, and mossy roads.

v2- Has green flora, saturation fixed, has realistic crops, removes road moss and other non-flora related textures.


If you haven’t already:

Open Users>*YourUserName*> Documents>My Games>Fallout4, and open the file Fallout4Custom.ini. Add the following to the bottom of the file:

[Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1

(Then continue with normal install)

Drag the contents of “Re-Growth” into your Fallout4 folder. If your a Steam user, your data
folder should be located here: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4


Locate your “My Games” folder. You can do this by clicking the windows menu button, and searching for “my games” After you’ve found “My Games”, open the folder. Look for the “Fallout 4” folder inside of “My Games” Open the “Denser Grass” file, go into “Fallout 4”, and drag “Fallout4.ini” from the folder you downloaded, to the one in “my games”.

-WARNING: The .ini grass edit may cause a loss of frames, be sure to back up your .ini BEFORE you install the denser grass.

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