Rebuilt Coastal Cottage

Rebuilt Coastal Cottage

This is a Lore Friendly restoration of Coastal Cottage. You can use this mod before or after you take the Settlement with the same result. This mod uses the new approach, so that it won’t matter if you have scrapped things before installing the mod the house will still be Rebuilt. There is a HUGE surprise included with this Rebuild. There will be details in the sticky post with spoiler tags hiding them so those that just gotta know can see. No Ghouls were harmed in the making of this mod.

### Updated! Everyone should get the update to make sure you have Supply lines correctly at Coastal Cottage.

v1.1 Changes

1.) Fixed an issue where supply lines were not visible in map view.
2.) Moved spawn point for the added Mirelurks to hopefully spawn them farther from the house.
3.) Fixed an issue where 1 floor section could possibly be missing if the player had scrapped the old house before installing this mod.

This version (1.0) starts out a new way of doing the Rebuilts. I am using only new ID’s for building parts and doing the cleanup a different way also. This will mean that it wont matter if anything has been scrapped the “Rebuild” will still be correct. It also should play nice with any other mods since I am working with NEW ID’s.


New member of the Rebuilt Team. robboten has joined us as the resident Mesh and Texture expert and the nice new doorway out to the new porch at Croup Manor is his premier to modding. Do please welcome him and his work. He does things neither Lapdragon nor I can’t even think about with image resources. He is busy working on some new parts for the kits we use on these Rebuilt mods to make the whole thing nicer.

Some Details.
<1. This uses only vanilla parts to restore the buildings. (The added parts are edited vanilla)
2. The locking doors that all my "Rebuilts" get will not be included in any of them until GECK lets me write my own script for locking properly.
3. See important information below about Reset and how to deal with it.
4. I did NOTHING to the settlement that would change the Story behind it.
5. You can fast travel from inside the building. If you place the fast travel target inside the house in build mode you can fast travel into the building also.

1. In order to have your Power Armor not reset go and get Buildable Power Armor Frames by Lapdragon. Read his description for instructions but basically it allows you to fix your Power Armor so that it wont reset to T45 if you leave it in a changed Cell. You MUST use this mod or one that does the same thing to prevent your Power Armor from reverting back to the T45 stuff. You will also need Cell Reset Workaround Patch by Lapdragon in order to use the Vanilla containers in this settlement. Beginning with this mod I am not going to integrate the SCNR fix but will STRONGLY recommend you consider using it since it makes all of the vanilla containers safe in all settlements. You can always build containers and they will always be safe storage. This is an Engine bug that we can only work around until Bethesda fixes it. It is triggered by changing a cells data, and in order to make the Rebuilds nice I had to make changes.

2. You need the following in your fallout 4 INI file to fix the sprint bug.

[Gameplay] fPlayerDisableSprintingLoadingCellDistance=0

1. Buildable Power Armor Frames By lapdragon
2. Cell Reset Workaround Patch By lapdragon
3. Scrappable Commonwealth By lapdragon
4. Simple Intersection By Draco856
5. Gandalf’s Window Repair and Cleaning Service by gandalftw
6. Buildable Burning Campfires and Fireplaces by Necrocytosis special thanks to Necrocytosis for permission to include the nice fireplaces and campfires in the Rebuilt series, and generally help fix up the Commonwealth. Make sure to go and endorse their work!
7. Snap’n Build by ad3d0 special thanks to ad3d0 for permission to use some doorway resources of his. πŸ™‚
8. Settlement Expansion by jkoroll14 These expansions were designed specifically to go along with the Rebuild’s and works well. I test it with the Rebuilds I am testing and working on. πŸ™‚
9. and of course all my “Rebuilt” mods (next I am going to combine them for a separate all in one mod for all the rebuilds for people who want them all.) And as always each is standalone if you want. Links below.
Rebuilt Croup Manor
Rebuilt Somerville Place
Rebuilt Taffington Boathouse
Rebuilt Spectacle Island Hotel
Rebuilt Series Prewar Houses
Rebuilt Jamaica Plain
Rebuilt Kingsport Lighthouse

For anyone intrested my other mod Safely Scrap Covenant Turrets will allow you to scrap the non owned turrets at Covenant so you can build your own.

Many thanks to the maker of XEdit without which this and MANY other Cool Mods would not be possible.


Credits: rdunlap
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