Reilly’s Rangers Combat Armor -Standalone

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Reilly’s Rangers Combat Armor -Standalone

Welcome! To my all time most thirdly mod I’ve ever made!

I made the Standalone Reilly’s Rangers Power Armor Paint a couple weeks ago and the number one thing people wanted (other than abilities for the power armor lol) was a combat armor variant. As it made logical sense, since this was how it was in Fallout 3. Well here you go!

What’s it all about and why should I get this?
-It’s a standalone. It wont interfere with other mods or the base game and won’t replace anything. So even if you don’t like my mod, it won’t matter. You won’t see it if you don’t want to! Might as well give it a try it haha.
-Worn and older look of the Ranger armor from Fallout 3. Less green, a bit darker. Original decals.
-Can be bought and sold from vendors! Vendors that sell armor should have it in stock. Oh, one important caveat, kitties. You must be at least level 17 before they will have it πŸ˜‰ Now that I think about it, I have yet to confirm that level prerequisite lol. Let me know in the comments.
-You can upgrade it. While totally separate from normal combat armor, you can still modify it at an armor bench much the same!
-Better damage and energy resistance than normal combat armor.
-Every variant possible. Light, Sturdy, Heavy, Male and Female versions, see pics. And vendors will have some with mods on them.
-Works like combat armor. Sits on top of typical underlays. In the pics I’m just using a Vault suit.
-You may notice the Heavy variant on your loading screen being shown off. Yeah, that was me haha. Be sure to read the text box for a hint of a mod I will start when the Creation Kit comes out. It’s gonna be a whopper. πŸ˜€
-Enemies/NPC’s won’t have this armor. Allowing you and your companions to be the Rangers of the Commonwealth!

Where to get it??
Be at least level 17. Go to any place that sells armor. Look through the various clothing they have and find some Ranger Armor! It won’t have Reilly’s name in it, just Ranger Armor like in Fallout 3. Not there? Well you will probably have to wait 48 in game hours for the vendor’s inventories to refresh. Good places to go: Arturo or something in Diamond City. KLEO in Goodneighbor. I also hear Deb at Bunker Hill may have some! Lucas of course. Just look around!

Don’t want to wait? in the console type player.additem XX000800′ This will give you a piece. The XX varies based off your load order. Do 800 through 805. This will give you a random variant of each piece of armor. Keep doing it until you got the variant you want!

Probably won’t work with other armor mods. I mean, you can put this in the game and it will work great on it’s own. Just mods that modify armor like Concealed Armor by Nisas or that Extended mod armor one won’t be able to modify this armor. If you encounter a problem/bug involving compatibility, be sure to let me know ASAP!

Nexus mod manager can handle it. Or your favorite mod manager. To do it manually just drag and drop it all in your Data folder haha. It won’t overwrite anything. If it does, let me know ASAP! Because that would be weird. It may ask to ‘Merge’ folders and files, that’s normal. The optional Pipboy retexture will overwrite any texture you have for the Pipboy. Be sure to back it up in case you do’t like it! Read on for more info…

Optional matching Pipboy!
This is experimental. What I mean is that the color of the retexture can be wonky. While normally it is a good looking green, when in direct sunlight can become much more vibrant. So that’s in beta for now. Just need to figure out that problem haha. Figured I would put it up here for those who want to keep the colors consistent! How install? Same as above. Drag and drop or use Mod manager. Will REPLACE any current retexture you have for your Pipboy.

Well. I don’t think you can imagine how much work went into this mod. Unless you have done this. To make each individual piece and get the textures just right took all of my free time for weeks. How many pieces? Well there’s about 45 individual models that had to be edited, retextured, linked up and plugged in! Then it’s getting the esp file to connect everything together and make usable in game! It’s one thing where almost all other combat armor mods on this Nexus are made by simply changing the color pallet file and then its another thing to do what I did haha. This was all basically done from nothing, and I had to figure it out as I went. Like I said before, this is my third mod ever.

Mods seen in the pictures!! Check these out! (excluding the Ranger armor and Pipboy retexture)
Black Female Vault Suit by Ldfxf
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Alternate Curie by BMaster2 (Elegant style is what I chose)
Alternate Piper by Neeher (that’s me)
True Storms by Fadingsignal
Piper’s Trenchcoat Retexture by WildGravity
Fallout 3 Dogmeat by VaultScout

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