Renovated Furniture

Renovated Furniture

NOW STANDALONE! Huge thanks to friffy for the .esp, extra textures, new meshes and and new animations!
Please send them some kudos!
I would highly suggest uninstalling the old retextures!

54 couches and chairs with new textures. Who wants to build a fresh new couch with the 100 year stink and multiple body fluids on it. Many have new normals, new meshes, and the relaxed sitting animation. You can sit on the ottomans and also… No more hovering on the edge of your seat. See below for an example!

Chill on grans best.

These use vanilla keywords and structures and are not dependent on any other mod! They all go into Furniture/Chairs. This does add bloat to the category, however it avoids the issue of using any extra keywords, or issues if you are not using big building mods. It is 100% compatible with homemaker, SNB, DDP, and any other mod that doesn’t pillage the vanilla categories. I will not be doing a patch for another mod, nor will I make this SK dependent. If you wish to make your own patch or ask someone else to make you one you have my permission to upload it!

NMM is suggested as you’ll be able to easily add/remove it!
Manual Installation is the same old jam, unpack into the core file, go to plugins and activate, delete everything to uninstall. Your .ini should already be changed if your doin it my way πŸ˜€

Known Issues
There is a slight gap between the ottoman mesh and your butt. You can see images for how small of a gap it is. Friffy worked hard at doing all sorts of stuff with this, I’m just pleased you can finally sit on them!

FRIFFY for the .esp, relaxed animation switch and work to the meshes, she also supplied some extra recolors!
So-ghislaine on for textures
SubtlePatterns for well, subtle patterns
B.A.E. by jonwd7
FO4EDIT by zilav and the EDIT team


OLD overwrite retexture only versions….
you should uninstall these kid.. unless you really love blue cups and pink lights and grans couches everywhere! (I am leaving them up so you can uninstall via. file structure)
Everything Version(includes couches ver.1):
Many ruined couches
Miltary cot
Vault bed
High Tech Lights
Table lamps
Kitchen Chairs
Dirty rugs
Kitchen stoves & fridges
Ruined Shower stall
Blue Door
Bloody Chem box
Straw Pillow
Kitchen Bars
Dirty deco carpets
Toothpaste & toothbrush
Couches Only Version 1:
Only the ruined Couches/lounge chairs changed to be grans best
Couches Only Version 2:
Only the ruined Couches/lounge Chairs changed to cleaner more neutral in tone, no longer sticks out but looks clean

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